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You can go to the Menu Tab to read new entries! I’m currently running a private blog where I share “behind the scenes content” inside my VIP Club. I also post daily videos on TikTok where I share business tips! 😘

If you want to know how I make money online from my music, then I recommend getting my 1st business book: “How To Survive As A Musician In The Digital Age.”😘

I post daily videos on TikTok where I share my experience with making money online! These videos are then shared across: Twitter, YouTube, & Instagram.

Short summary of my blogging experience:

  • In 2013 I tried to run a video blog with music on my YouTube channel, but I found it to be boring & way too time consuming. I wanted to focus on practising & writing more music, rather than talking about it. 🤣
  • From 2015-2020 I was running a written blog here on WordPress that got quite popular! I wrote about a myriad of different topics, but really found my “inner self,” when I came out in defence of my country, continent, and “The West.” I wrote a lot because I was inspired, and my enthusiasm and love was real and genuine. I wrote enough material for several books: 3 about politics, 1 on how to monetise your music business, and 1 about my life as an artist!
  • Around 2019 I tried to pivot into becoming a “lifestyle blogger,” since my most popular entry was about skin care. I tried to cater to my statistics, and wanted to turn my blog into a business. However, I quickly lost interest and my consistency went down the drain.
  • As I tweaked my music business and changed everything around I abandoned Patreon and set up my own subscription service at my own website. Keeping a private blog with “behind the scenes content” became part of my VIP Club.
  • In 2021 I started another music blog, this one with my manager Elisabeth, to share our expertise & draw attention to our high ticket products. However this was short lived.
  • In 2021 I wrote my 1st business book “How To Survive As A Musician In The Digital Age,” and I’ve now started a “business vlog,” where I share short videos with tips and advice! I’ve created tons of content already because this is clearly something that I’m really passionate about!
  • So my number one tip to anyone who wants to blog, or create content is: PICK SOMETHING YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT! Then you’ll create content non-stop and get an endless flow of ideas!😘 You can also create content by documenting your activities. I currently share practise videos of myself working on my opera singing. 👍

Here are some pictures & quotes from my 1st Blog Book: “Thoughts.”


Political blog entries written & published between 2017- 2020 will soon be available in book format. Thanks a lot for your interest in my writing! I appreciate all support!


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