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I’m contemplating bringing my public blog back, (I’m currently running a private one right here: VIP Club).

About this blog…

I was originally running a personal blog from 2015 – 2020 due to fans requesting one. I wrote about: personal matters, the music industry, news and politics. I shared lots of links to petitions and news stories because I wanted to help. That also resulted in plenty of opinion pieces, or “reactions” to the current challenges faced by those who live in “The West.”

2018 was my most popular blog year. In 2019 I tried to pivot into becoming a lifestyle blogger since this was more aligned with my statistics, and what my readership wanted. I found this to be boring and uninspiring, so my entries become fewer and further between.

In November 2019 I went on a wonderful road trip around Europe. It was very educational, and eye opening. Sometimes we need to get away from things to see things clearly. I stopped blogging altogether in late 2019. In December, of the same year, I started a crucial restructuring of my business, and this thankfully changed my financial situation as I kept tweaking my business structure throughout 2020.

I don’t believe in sharing my whole life on the internet. I prefer living privately in the real world. I only have three publicly available old-blog posts at this time. (I’ve also released a blog book).

  1. I support internet freedom because I believe that any individual should have the right to start a business. I strongly believe in socio-economic mobility. Social media platforms made it possible for anyone to start a personal brand. Lack of capital makes it almost impossible for people to start anything on their own, with the internet however we all of a sudden had a more just world, where people without contacts and/or access to capital could have direct access to potential consumers and the global market. I do not support social credit systems or de-platforming. I strongly believe that anyone, regardless of who they are, should be allowed to pursue their dreams.
  2. My entry regarding prepping is public because I believe that this is my most helpful and important entry. Our systems are not sustainable, and most are ill prepared to deal with the collapse of them.
  3. My skincare entry was one of the most popular entries on my blog. This entry has helped lots of women around the world.
  4. My newfound faith helped me tremendously during a most difficult time in my life. It also inspired me to do my 1st fundraisers. I would say that religion has had a very positive impact on me and my life. It has changed me for the better, and helped me come around full circle as a human. My faith journey video is still available to view on my YouTube blog.

All of my entries will soon be available as books. Hopefully it will all be out before 2022 is over.

I now run a private blog via my VIP Club where you can support & follow me while I create.

You can purchase my 1st blog book (as an eBook) right here: https://www.blurb.co.uk/b/8620500-thoughts?ebook=659280

Or you can get a physical copy here: https://www.blurb.com/b/8620500-thoughts

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Some quotes from “Thoughts.”

Entries written & published in 2017- 2020 will soon be available in book format. Thanks a lot for your interest in my writing! I appreciate all support!


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