Starting A Blog?


For sometime people have been telling me that I should have my own Blog and every time someone has suggested this I’ve been asking myself: Blog about what? Guitars? My endless daily practice routines? Outside of music I think my life is utterly un-bloggable, so the idea seemed ridiculous. This year though after realising that pretty much everyone has a blog, I figured I should start one as well, and write about things that are “un-bloggable” and/or whatever comes to my mind; Like my old sweater for example 😛 or bad hair days or maybe no-make-up-selfies 😛
Everyday  pretty much I go for a run or quick walk (it is usually 6 miles), and considering how uneventful that is, I figured that would be a good starting point for this under-whelming concept.This is why I decided to call it “The Daily Walk” as I thought that this might sound mundane enough. People often assume that the lives of artists are 10x more eventful than their own, but the truth is that if you are ever to master an instrument, repetition and routine are key elements. If I was to publish my practise diary ( yes I actually have one ) or if I was to film a normal day in my life, it would either involve me travelling to do a performance, or me just sitting still with my instrument, playing the same thing over and over again. The truth is dear reader, I believe you would be bored to death 😉 Let me then introduce you to my very un-bloggable blog, let’s see how it goes!

8 thoughts on “Starting A Blog?

  1. AnthonySS says:

    You make valid points about being an artist … about the hours and days of repetition and practice. Not many are willing to admit that. Funny how when you work with other musicians friends they seem to chuckle when you tell them you need to practice ? That being said … everyone has a story to tell and a life to live … and we are all worthy of greatness in our life. Trust that this is a beginning of a BIGGER story. Enjoy the Journey 😉


  2. Gayle says:

    As an architect I stress too much on each new building design thinking it could always be better. Sometimes letting your mind go while going for a walk or whatever actually improves one’s artistic ability. Without thinking about it, I’m subconsciously still pondering some design I’m working on. I’ve been doing this for 40 years and it’s still the same. I’ll bet you do this too. I’m not sure whether I like your music more or am just mesmerized by how incredibly you’ve mastered the guitar. For someone who is not musically inclined at all, it amazes me beyond words. I’ve spent the entire day looping your last album on headphones while I work.

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  3. CommanderDad says:

    Your boots are made for walking, and that’s all what they’l do! Your boots are made for walking,- they’l walk everywhere with you! Are you ready boots? Keep walking!!


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