The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Music



So last night, as I sat working into the early morning hours, I decided to take a look at my album to see if my latest video release was affecting sales at all, and lo and behold, it had jumped up to #8 on the American classical chart! I was too excited to fall asleep, and way to excited to do anything productive besides being ridiculously happy! And today…I was still disgustingly jolly 😛 Too excited to make toast right apparently, so I decided to get out and go for an adventurous walk among God’s finest creations.

Along with me came a young chatty lady(my sister), who I decided I would chase down the hill.
THIS hill that could be more appropriately named ” Badger’s Poo Hill” or more politically correct “Badger’s Hill”….


Only to find myself going for an epic fall….


Great . . .

Then we found a rather peculiar looking pot, (to add to the excitement I’ve let the picture be upside-down)


and continued our walk into more hazardous territory, which brought back extremely fond and cheerful memories from my fabulous experience at Download Festival 2012. The best weekend of my life without doubt…


To end our journey on a high , we finally found the residency of the infamous tooth fairy, or Francis Dolarhyde as he is less commonly known as,


To be continued . . . .

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