The Underestimated Beauty Of Life



Few things can beat the beauty of the British Countryside, and if you, like me, can walk in surroundings like these, you are a rich person, even if you don’t realise it.
There are so many things in life I feel that people don’t appreciate and just don’t see. Sometimes I wonder if artists feel a special connection to nature, stars, the earth, heck the whole freaking universe!
Maybe it is because our surroundings are an infinite source of inspiration and artists really appreciate that, or maybe it is because nature represent perfection in creation or abundant potential, or both. It is really interesting how we try to replicate the natural wonders around us and we sort of measure humanities genius over how well we can imitate what is already here. But that is truly the wonder of humankind isn’t? We can fly, we can go underground, under water, into space, we can harness power, we can build the most astonishing buildings/monuments. We can put a man on the moon, we can plan a colony on Mars.
We can solve our own problems yet we don’t really know why we are here. We are ignorant in many fields, and will probably remain so.
But, we are truly magnificent in our own peculiar limited way. Yet, few man made creations can compete with what nature offers, maybe because it lacks the soul & life that is so precious and sadly so many times ignored.
Inanimate objects, helpful tools, but nothing more than just that.



A great example of our ways of finding solutions. Some might see a tree that is in the way, a nuisance.
Others will see a bridge.


How can this emptiness compare to the riches of nature?(No offence to any of the brands visible in the picture, I’m addressing materialism in general)

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