The art of self expression …. .. -…. . .-. .

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I'm primarily a 7 string guitar virtuoso, bel-canto trained coloratura soprano & songwriter in Classical-Crossover, Heavy Metal & Acoustic Music. I've been featured in a number of major international music magazines, National Newspapers, etc; I've played major festivals & have been a Talk-Show guest on National TV & Radio. I've also been a coach & a judge on Norwegian prime time TV show "Stjernekamp" :) I've released an Amazon bestselling Classical Album that has been going in and out of the charts ever since its release in 2014 and I've also been award nominated for my work in Heavy Metal. I've written & illustrated "The Freezing Snowman" and a number of other books. This blog was started in 2015 due to public demand and has so far resulted in one book called "Thoughts." I've pretty much written about anything that one can write about besides make-up, dating and fashion. This blog has gone trough numerous changes both in terms of topics and layout. I don't know for how long my blogging-hobby will continue.

3 thoughts on “The art of self expression …. .. -…. . .-. .

  1. surely sometimes it is simply a matter of expressing frustration, and ire, without having a direct confrontation ….. it may be that they genuinely DO like the person who has caused the frustration, and so would rather aimlessly vent their spleen, instead of upset that person with direct comment. or it may be, that they do not know who was responsible for their current irritation….. for example, I posted recently about the disappearance of a bag of maltesers from the fridge….. that i’d been looking forward to , and putting off having, in order to treat myself with them when i felt i deserved them,.,….. my sense of annoyance and loss when i went to get them, and found them gone, was very real, my post was a Liam Neeson, “taken” pastiche…. 😉 it made me feel better, released a bit of tension, and even got a few laughs…… and therein , may lie the answer to your question… Why? because it feels good.. Because it helps relieve tension internally…. it is entirely possible to express an emotional state without having to make it about someone specific, directly and personally….. whether expressing joy or anger, mirth or sadness, it does not have to be direct cause and effect…. it’s what separates us from the majority of the animal kingdom, the concept of abstraction .


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