21 Reasons I Suck!

We all make mistakes and we all have our shortcomings. In this age of “photoshopped perfection” I thought it would be cool to share some of mine. Now for those of you who didn’t know, I started this blog to have some fun really and don’t take myself particularly serious outside of music. It is in many ways a bit of a joke, but I do throw in some serious entries now and then, self irony is important and ever since I published my first entry I’ve hoped that people would “get it”. Anyway, here we go: (this has been written as if thought I give myself advice, seemed strange to write I all the time) 1) Understanding that people are not as interested as you are in your project. Bursting into the room euphoric because you have figured something out, or interrupting people to share your concept or idea is tempting when you are excited, but instead of coming across as dedicated, passionate and enthusiastic about your craft, you might just come across as a self-centered bastard. Conclusion? You either have to contain your excitement or go for a walk. 11089002_896426907063370_6264076242780313081_o 2) Pay attention. Paying attention to what others are saying is a sign of respect, the fact that you are too consumed with your latest idea doesn’t help the fact that people will perceive you as someone who doesn’t notice them or who treat people like they are air. Truly listening can also be crucial when important information is shared, constantly telling people, that…”yes yes…what did you say again?” or that you will “call them back again later.” will make people feel like you don’t value them,even if you do. Conclusion? Try to focus and be less absent-minded and more present. Very, very, hard. 936670_755525814486814_3647547660524842408_n 3) The oldest pig. Now I find the story of the 3 little pigs very interesting. I had to take responsibility early on when everybody else could run around and be irresponsible and I was always very serious when it came to everything I was doing. A bit too serious. The way I see it, yes it is good to be the practical pig, but if you only obsess with your work, you are more likely to make a serious mistake due to the fact that you are over focusing and have little to no variety. You might let the wolf in, because you  in all your absent-mindedness, simply left the door open. Conclusion? Trying to be less obsessive with what you are doing is tricky, in fact very tricky, but it’s worth a try. 4) Try to be organised. Yes it’s easy to get carried away, but being messy and throwing a gazillion ideas out there will make it hard to find and re-locate previous ideas and notes. I forget about previous ideas all the time. Having an organised chaos only makes sense to you, so if your notes look unreadable and everything is a mess…try to clean up your craziness now and then. Conclusion? It takes a lot of time, but it’s certainly worth doing, nothing more frustrating than spending hours looking for something you know where is…sort of…kind of…you know…you know  where it is but not quite where… 😛 IMG_1991 5) Remember to eat and drink. It is a good idea, you know… Conclusion? Crucial. 320136_435800826459316_737121203_n 6)Think before you talk. Some people have the tendency to just blurt things out, I also think that creative people have a tendency to blurt inconsistent, scattered thoughts out, which can make people really scratch their head as they think you said something you certainly didn’t say. Something that is meant as a joke, comes across as a fact, something that you probably shouldn’t have said, becomes the real, hidden truth! Think before you talk is the mantra of our politically sensitive, politically correct society, where sudden blurts can be character suicide. Conclusion? Politicians, Rockstars, Artists, Critics, Journalists, those who used to be colourful and controversial characters have very little space to manoeuvre and little freedom unless they want to be assaulted by angry haters online or lose their job. At the end of the day you don’t want unnecessary hate or burned bridges due to misunderstandings. 10868152_831331350239593_4072986649738812042_n 7)First Impressions. First impressions are important, I remember a producer was telling me extensively  about this in LA. I had to be careful with what kind of recording I put out there, because first impressions are hard to shake off. Conclusion? Unless you want people to run for their lives. Try to look representable. Image wise, be yourself but a refined version. 12556_10151140350527217_1175379577_n 8) Expecting too much of others. When you expect certain reactions and behaviour from others, you are destined to be disappointed. Conclusion? Always expect the worst. Then you’ll be happy when your suspicion is proven false. profile pic 9) When you are upset… Most people have a short-term memory when it comes to their own wrongdoings. If someone was mean to you, hurt you or betrayed you, there is a 99% chance they won’t even remember. That’s why bullies from school remember the “good ol’days” when you were best “friends” and had sooo much fun together… and people who threw shit at you when you started out as an artist remember that they ALWAYS supported you… This is also why holding grudges or isolating yourself is a bad idea, why? Because you only hurt yourself. Remember, the douchebag probably doesn’t even know he/she has been or is a douchebag. Even if someone was to ruin your life it’s highly unlikely, that they actually would be aware of how their decisions affected you.  Conclusion? There is a difference between, family, fiends and acquaintances. And even among family and friends, the majority will not support you in times of need. Which means that unless you want to be the loneliest person in the world…call, chat and hang out with people, just keep in the back of your mind that if you need their help, they are most likely to let you down. 10) Motivating others. If you only care about getting results motivating others is something you will fail at. Why? Because the key to motivation is to point out what you like about the people you work with, instead of pointing out everything that has not been done. Conclusion? Hmm..I try my best!! :/ 1238951_597368846969179_1192680124_n 11) Free Time. I’m not quite sure what this means 😛 but I guess getting drunk at the pub or watching TV is what people refer to when they talk about free time. If free time bores you and doesn’t do anything for you…you should at least try to understand other people’s need for this abstract thing. Like… calling people in the middle of the night during weekends to share what you think is a brilliant idea, might be seen as highly annoying. Sending work emails and Skype messages in the middle of the night, might be seen as strange as well. Conclusion? Everyone thinks you are weird if you don’t follow the norm. It is custom to indulge in gossip as this apparently is very interesting, just like watching reality TV. Most people live for their free time. Few live for their work/art. IMG_1298 12)Leaving teacups. Everyone hates me for leaving tea cups that are half empty around the house. Conclusion? Take the time to actually finish drinking the cup of tea or wait before making it in the first place. 13) Saying the obvious hurts others. People prefer a lie. I don’t. Whats that proverb again? Better to be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie? Conclusion? If someone asks if the dress is ugly, say no. If someone ask if they are fat, say no. In fact always say no, no matter what. Photo on 13-10-2014 at 21.59 14) Attention to the big picture. Don’t call something done just because you are impatient. Conclusion? Improving. Attention to the picture as a whole is very important. Very important. Crucial. 15) Remind people of how grateful you are for what they’ve done for you. It matters little that you feel grateful, you gotta let people know, over and over and over again. Conclusion? I always say thank you but I can certainly improve when it comes to making others feel valued. 10980757_864381550267906_6259820753548633158_n 16) In the big scheme of things, nobody cares if you remembered to take out the garbage or clean the sink. The people who live with you will mind though and even though it is soooo irrelevant, it will drive them mad. Conclusion? The mundane has to be done, even if it is absolutely irrelevant in your mind. 17) Everybody hates and everyone is hated. I don’t hate anyone really, if I don’t like someone I just don’t have anything to do with them. I get annoyed sometimes but that doesn’t stop people from hating me. Conclusion? Don’t let it get to you when people hate you, tricky, very tricky…but..hmmm… worth a go. 10380290_403098096519986_8430798531854679254_n 18) Being obsessive when it comes to patterns can be a good thing if used correctly , applying this to people who strike you as odd is a bad idea. Conclusion? Trying to figure people out can drive you crazy, it’s not worth the effort. 10989231_871247909581270_7569271192712233113_n 19) When people are in the bathroom they do not want to be disturbed by you sharing your latest idea by shouting thorough the door or the window. Conclusion? Yes, I’ve learned not to do that now. 1384286_607874402585290_281396197_n 20) Assuming that you know what the other person is about to say, will drive them crazy and you might not get to hear the next part of their sentence when they decide they don’t want to tell you anymore. Not knowing what they really were about to say, will drive you crazy. Conclusion? Slow down. 21) My culinary skills are legendary… Knowing how much pasta to cook for one person and how long it takes before a toast is burnt- yeah, I should know that by now… 😛 IMG_1010 10592732_10152171661791157_7750628796142756914_n 10582938_771007756271953_1241206921258175622_o

6 thoughts on “21 Reasons I Suck!

  1. Max Hodges says:

    Learn the mantra , “I only get two things wrong, everything i say, and everything i do” THEN learn, not to let it bother you too much….. we’re all only human, fallibility is in our nature, we’re generally happier when we learn to accept that , even if we continue to strive for a closer approximation of perfection. Have a great Birthday tomorrow ….. on a more pedantic note (one of my many many failings) “family , fiends and acquaintances ” , is an interesting typo .:D most of my friends are fiends as well 😀


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