USA April 2015 (Part 1)

Soooo, I woke up at 3.34 to be exact this morning, and find myself being beyond jet lagged. Anyway, in case you guys missed it, I’m currently on my 2nd US trip this year and find myself in California right now, in this writing moment. Since it’s 5.56 and I got plenty of time, I thought that I could might as well blog for a bit! Since it has now been brought to my attention after I came to the States that industry people check this out, beware that this blog is something I do for fun and that I use self deprecating humour a lot. Take everything with a pinch of salt, anyway, here we go….image An airport is an airport is an airport I guess you can say, my flight to NY on the 27th was delayed for like ever. So I wandered around Heathrow and even threw in an entry. imageimage The good thing about the UK is that you will always find decent sandwiches no matter where you are, not so easy other places….image The best seat in this day and age is wherever you can charge your devices! image As I said my flight was delayed and after we boarded it got…even more, delayed. -Enter Aircraft, sounding like a tractor- We stand still on the ground for what feels like an eternity, my fellow passengers fall asleep. Enter Confused voice of Captain- ehh…one of the engines doesn’t seem to be working…- me thinking, great. We wait for ever, no new announcement, the crew don’t know anything, none of the passengers seem to care 😴😴😴😴 Enter Captain, with best announcement ever, sounding even more confused- ehhhh….the computer shut down the engine the first time around, but now it seems to be working….hhhmmmm…ehhh….everything is so computer driven….we don’t really know what’s going on…aahhhh….we just have to fill out some paperwork…- confused Captain goes out. AIRBORNE enter AirHostess- The entertainment doesn’t seem to be working so we have to re-boot the computer- almost in NY- Now the wifi is responding!- I mean, hahaha, maybe they should employ computer geeks to be on every flight? image Hmmmm….un identified squishy object. Anyway, all in all my flight was alright! Now I’m gonna do my make-up and make myself ready to do some METAL \m/image

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