My 10 Year Guitar Anniversary!!! ( Part 2/5- Making your decision to pursue what you truly love).


This year mark my “10 year guitar anniversary” and since music is what I’ve been doing pretty much 24/7, I thought it would be cool to write some blogs about my relationship to the instrument and music in general.

It might be an idea to read my previous entry before reading this one. This is part two of a five part blog series πŸ™‚ In this entry I discuss making the final decision of becoming a guitar player…

….To be completely honest…if you ever picked up an instrument because you wanted to be a millionaire and that was your motivation, sign up for a reality show or go to college.

To be frank, I don’t see why anyone who “just wants to be famous” would ever waste their time practising for hours in this day and age, why?

Because there are so many ways to get attention! Just look at how show biz is for christ sake! You can actually make millions from just being YOU, creating a brand that isn’t really based around anything except from your own awesome-ness ( check out my song “Famous” about this topic…).

We live in an age where you can go on a reality show ( not a talent show, mark my words) and act like a fool and get legions of fans, endorsements and God-knows-what. So why bother practising unless you are truly passionate about what you are doing?

Seriously…Playing guitar is geeky as hell!

I personally feel that playing an instrument at all and putting lots of effort into it… is extremely old-school, in fact I can hardly think of anything more old-school.

I work under the principle of ” I’ll make this as hard for myself as humanly possible”. I don’t know if thats a good mentality, but my reason for it is that I like to challenge myself and grow as a player.

I’ve had bad experiences, I’ve had great experiences, thats how you grow…but thats also the point of playing isn’t?

That you actually grow…or at least thats how I feel πŸ™‚

So what was my motivation for playing again?

I just wanted to write songs.

Simple as that. My goal was not to be a front figure, nor was it to be a shred fanatic, I just wanted to write songs that had “my signature” to them, meaning, I just wanted to write music that people could recognise as mine. I wanted to write catchy memorable songs that were “me”.

And that was it, that was my goal initially.

I had always been a music fanΒ and saw music as something creative. ( I’m uber liberal when it comes to art). My teachers killed my motivation with their rigidness and pedantic ways. I got convinced that I had NO musical ability at allΒ whatsoever. I wanted to write music, and I wanted it so badly, but I feel that creativity a lot of times just gets stomped upon when it comes to music education.

In fact I failed music several times 😦

When it came to picking up the guitar as an instrument though…

..I remember that there were multiple factors involved in that decision.

I wanted to play the drums, but this was unpractical since we were moving all the time. I played drums for a short stint when we lived in Florida for some months, but due to moving around I wasn’t able to keep it up.

I started to play late, very late in comparison to my friends, so I felt that I had to pick one instrument, and it had to be a clever instrument, that could be used as a songwriters tool.

A piano… was again, way too big and complicated to carry around…and it wasn’t rock’n’roll enough for me..

My decision when it came to pursuing music had to be a final decision due to the time I would have to invest in it, I knew I was far behind everybody else, so picking up an instrument was like a point of no return.

I don’t know about other continents, but over here, people start playing at a ridiculous early age and are pretty much gigging by the time they are teens and recording demos and whatnot when they are like what? 14? 15?

I pretty much went to my friends gigs thinking….OMG….I soooo wanna do what they are doing!!!!!

Guys who were my age were working on their first recordings and we sort of hung out with them and all I could think of was….(Ahhhhh! I sooooooo want to do this!!!!)

At a certain point I got tired of looking at my peers doing what I wanted to do. I just had this fire in me…and I was like…Grrrrrr!

But then again I was like…ehhhhh… :/ I mean…

Who was I gonna play with? I mean making this decisionΒ had to be serious, because I would have to practise 3 times as much as everybody else just to catch up :/

Which meant that I would just have to sit there and play by myself….yeeey 😦

I spent a year making up my mind and saving up some cash.

Thinking…should I do it? Should I not do it? Should I do it? Should I not do it? Hmmm? Hmmmm?

I guess I was afraid of looking back on my life and regret not doing what I wanted to do.

Because…dude…you only live once. ( even though it is cliche to say that).

Since I had wanted to play drums since the age of 5 and I only really payed attention to rhythm when it came to music, I only felt a “this-will-be-my-tool” kind of attachment to my instrument of choice.

I was going to use this to create music, which had always been the passion of my life.

I had no relationship to instrumental guitar music, I didn’t really have any guitar heroes, but I had lots of favourite songwriters that I looked up to!

I was tired of sitting by myself drawing and making art and felt that music was cooler in many ways. It was more social and being in a band seemed cool.I wanted to create something that could truly connect with people, a lot of people.


Recent drawing, based on illustration ideas for “Evolution”, from 2014

Not just something that would hang on a wall in an exhibition, with people walking by it. I mean…yeah…I mean is cool to make art…but I mean it’s such a lone-wolf business and then again…after spending a year or something on a picture…would you have the heart to part with it?

I mean music is such a unifying art form and it goes everywhere, sort of…This is a shitty explanation…but whatever.

Anyway….So that was it. I got my first guitar and instantly started to write music, but I also realised that holding a guitar was a pain in the butt! I mean come on! It’s painful as hell! It’s not natural for your hand at all whatsoever!

I felt disappointed, but that just made me even more determined to master this big, huge, odd thing. I was intrigued more than anything else and that combined with my personal life being rocky, saw me literally loose myself in this instrument I was trying to wrap my head around.

Me, who was only going to write some tunes, now found myself practising whenever I could.

Instead of just keeping myself to those power-chords and jump around the stage in a punk band, I was now sitting there constantly trying to make my life more difficult :/ :/

My music taste changed as well dramatically, out with Fleetwood Mac, Jefferson Airplane and R.E.M.

in with Dimmu Borgir, Slayer, Mayhem, Windir, Emperor and all sorts of extreme metal bands.

Now I was gonna be soooooo metal! Only TRVE Norwegian Black Metal!!!!!!!

And this change happened very quickly!

If you wanna know more about my relationship with my instrument, which guitarists I looked up to for inspiration etc… subscribe to my blog or keep an eye on it!

You can check out my music here:

NEXT UP- My first audition & my first band πŸ˜‰ I think people will find that an entertaining read πŸ˜€

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