For those who love those who dare.

I guess today’s articles have a common denominator: “rebellion” and/or bravery in one form or the other.

The other day it was the 5th Of November. The Britons celebrate the gruesome torture of Guy Fawkes and the failure of the Gunpowder Plot on this date. Fawkes is sometimes toasted as “the last man to enter Parliament with honest intentions”.

The funny thing about this Guy Fawkes guy is that he was just one of 13 “traitors” who were behind the devious plan to blow up the British Parliament. They were motivated by their religious beliefs. They were catholics and wanted a catholic on the throne. Fawkes was put in charge of guarding the explosives hidden beneath the House Of Lords and when the authorities searched Westminster Palace, after being tipped off, they found Fawkes guarding the explosives.

Needles to say, he was tortured in inhumane ways, beyond belief and it is the punishment of a dissenter/traitor who dared to oppose the throne in 1605 that is being celebrated on the 5th of November.

People are basically burning the effigy of Fawkes on a bonfire, that is the tradition.

The Guy Fawkes mask has now become synonymous with rebellion, especially after the extremely clever “V For Vendetta”, where V sporting the now Iconic Guy Fawkes mask, rebel against a modern fascist government.

So while the rest of Britain celebrates by figuratively burning Fawkes others go out to protest the things that doesn’t “work” in today’s society.

The fear of the mask is such, that I remember reading not long ago, that apparently it is now illegal to protest wearing the now iconic item. I think it’s kinda silly, but it shows how fearful governments are in general when in comes to opposition within those they want to govern.

UPDATE: I’m not a fan at all of some of the changes we are currently experiencing, however that does not mean that I was ever supportive of radical, Anti-Western, deconstructionist behaviour, which might be how me featuring the V mask below looks like. Opposition to tyranny is cool, supporting the destruction of European Nations/heritage due to a belief that any of our accomplishments is synonymous with oppression and evil, is nothing short of madness. In my opinion.

It is way more spooky with legislation passed through parliament that actually are infringing upon our rights. You don’t have to look further back than a couple of days ago when it was announced that everyone’s web history will be saved by the British government for a year. All of this infringement upon privacy is being done of course for our own good. L-M-F-A-O…if there ever was a good time to protest an increasingly intrusive government, who treats any “hacker” or whistleblower who leaks information about them, as terrorists, I believe the time is now. The government should know about everything you do, but you should not know anything at all about what your government officials are doing. These are people who are actually paid with tax payers money to protect tax payers/voters rights * cough, cough* …. They have a remarkable sense of logic….

It is not those who protest the government you should fear, but those elected officials who pass legislation intended to imprison their “subjects”. Protesters on the 5th of November.

Yesterday night I came across a very powerful and touching story about the “Lone German who refused to give Hitler the Nazi salute“. That’s the guy in the photo above, I have no words to describe how much I love this picture and the bravery of the man. Can you imagine being German and living in the country at that specific time and daring to oppose the “sieg heil”? It’s extraordinary. It’s an amazing photo. I’m so proud that my grandparents sabotaged Nazis during the occupation of Norway. Everyday they risked their lives as they defied the occupiers and it takes serious guts, bravery and morals to dare to do what is right under such conditions! My other grandfather told me last time I was in Norway ” they were executing people all the time, to make an example, lined them up and shot them down to instil fear in others”.  Check out the story about the “Lone German defying Hitler” right here: The Lone German who refused to salute Hitler 🙂

And here to something completely different. Americans love Afro-Americans who are democrats. I remember myself that Obama didn’t really have to deal with much scrutiny when he was running for President. Everything he said was awesome and whatever he had done or not done was even more awesome. Apparently there had never been a more amazing candidate for the presidency. It didn’t matter who his mentors had been, didn’t matter what kind of church he had been going too, didn’t matter that his records were sealed and off-limits, none of this mattered as he was the awesomest guy to ever walk the earth. Period. Then comes Ben Carson, one of the most respected surgeons ever, who dares to be republican and talk about God, among many other things. What a crime, Jeeeesus. So this Ben Carson dude is doing really well in the polls across the pond but is being subjected to a lot of scrutiny that Obama never had to deal with. It is hypocrisy at its worst and finally Dr.Carson, which would probably be the correct way to address him I guess, finally had enough: Ben Carson has had enough! Carson has an amazing “rags to riches” story and a long list of accomplishments behind him, very well articulated, he dared to blast Obama’s policies in a speech he did, RIGHT NEXT to Obama. Now that takes some serious balls. Respect.

UPDATE: I find it very interesting how me writing about Dr. Ben Carson was the only part of this entry that generated some negativity. He is actually the one I’m the biggest fan of of the people featured here. So I find it very interesting looking back how I tried to appease the angry individual in the comment section below. The thing is that I know how extremely angry people on the left can become if their values or politics are simply questioned; so I’m evidently trying to smooth things over. I’m showing my support, but Dr.Carson is kinda thrown in there/disguised together with people considered politically correct in the “current age.” Not that you gain anything on that sort of behaviour really, it is difficult throwing yourself into any kind of political debate, as emotions and feelings run hot, in fact, very hot. I think you’ll always find yourself trying to take the high road, calming people down on the opposite spectrum, who don’t want to take their argument to its final conclusion; even if it’s just a discussion

A controversial politician, who polarize even within his own political party, nobody can accuse Jeremy Corbyn of being a coward. He has consistently stood up for his beliefs throughout his life and it is entertaining and amusing to witness the stark contrast between him and the “elitist” David Cameron. Of course me mentioning this guy doesn’t mean I support him a 100%, some of his stands are down right dangerous, but I respect his non-existent fear when it comes to fighting for what he believes in. The latest news concerning Corbyn is that he doesn’t want to kneel before the Queen, and she has agreed to his request. Read more here: Corbyn won’t kneel

UPDATE: Turns out Corbyn isn’t that tough after all when considering that he refused to step down after the Brexit vote, at least that was the criticism, other politicians wanted him to go, but he refused. Was it because he is power hungry or was there a noble reason? I’ve also heard rumours that apparently he is a proper champagne socialist like Bernie Sanders. It is way easier to be a conservative/non-socialist; the people on the left always end up looking like hypocrites at one point or the other when it comes to money, it seems. I do like some of the things I’ve seen from Corbyn even if I fundamentally disagree, he does come across as a true believer in his cause; even though his views are easy to arrest, if you watch him discuss/debate.

Here is a hilarious article, displaying British sarcasm at its best. This is about the current “poppy debate”. Apparently you are a traitor if you don’t wear one. If you don’t know what a “poppy” is…well….you wear one to show your respect to those who fought in wars since 1914 apparently, according to Wikipedia, I thought it was from WWII, but you celebrate or show your respect towards WWII veterans as well and whenever you buy one you donate money to war veterans, from what I’ve understood. A hilarious article you have to read!

By chance I came across a link to this Kickstarter campaign, where they are raising money to make (or complete) a documentary about Maya Angelou! A true Icon and legend. She was the first Afro-American woman to accomplish a number of things, she was an important character in the civil rights movement and a VERY successful and celebrated author \m/ I have not read any of her works yet (shame on me) but I will, rest assure. Bizarrely enough, there has never been made a documentary about this lady, so please share the link or contribute to keeping her legacy alive! The Maya Angelou documentary \m/

UPDATE: I have no idea why I added this in here, something tells me I did that just to be nice.

To finish up today’s entry on an optimistic, futuristic note: there is more information concerning Mars being released every day it seems! More info about Mars

The other day I also read that there are plans concerning building a base on the Dark Side Of the Moon! First they have to explore the possibility of whether or not it would be a possible thing to do, of course, but the Russians are planning on sending an all-female team up there in 2029 or 2030 to initiate the process \m/ Badass ladies \m/

UPDATE: Badass ladies? Absolutely, but now at the end of 2017, I’m looking at this photo wondering what the health implications are for female vs. male astronauts, etc; Is this     photo as glorious as it seem? My instant reaction back then was “oh, how cool,” and it sort of is now too, but after reading about women in the military I now ask;  is it better to send men or women out into space? Is there any difference? Does it matter?  


4 thoughts on “For those who love those who dare.

  1. Lars Hagen says:

    Interesting reading indeed! PS. I wear my poppy with pride and hope others will do so as well. War is bad, but living in a totalitarian state is possibly worse. I have tried PRC, which was most interesting until I was asked about what I thought about the uprising in Tibet. I have lived in Riyadh, the most conservative Sunni muslim spot on the planet. YOU do not want to go there! Now it is prohibited by laws to ‘slander’ the state, islam or anything Turkish in Turkey. With a massive immigration of Muhammed- and Allah believers in Europe, we will lose our Civil Rights in the end…all in the name of national security before the Caliphate takes over control and we will be asked to convert or die! That will not take place on my watch! NUTS!


  2. josefina says:

    Actually, the reason Carson is facing much adversity is because the republican party has been racist to african americans and latino americans for a huge chunk of american history. They even support building a wall between America and Mexico to keep out Mexicans who are “rapists and killers, people with diseases,” as famously uttered by Donald Trump, the other republican party front runner. Also Ann Coulter, another influential conservative, refers to Mexicans and other latinos in her best seller books as, “Peasant cultures.” Ben Carson even goes so far as to blast the Black Lives Matters protesters and the whole movement just like the rest of the republican party and right wingers. If you haven’t heard about it, it is a civil rights movement going on right now in America as we speak. Throughout American history minorities, most notably African Americans (majority unarmed,) have been targeted and killed by police officers without even going to court and getting a fair trial, and when they do go to trial, the police are acquitted. The police officers get away with murder, literally, and America is sick of this. Carson has spoken out AGAINST the black community who are fighting for their human rights, calling them bullies; and is getting the backlash he deserves. They are not bullies, they just don’t want to die by the hands of racist police simply because of the color of their skin… Also Carson is against marriage equality and doesn’t think LGBT couples should have the right to get married. Yes, Obama lead a racially charged Primary election, (winning over South Carolina’s black democrats against Hillary Clinton) but I think he ultimately won the presidency in 2008 because the American people were tired of right wing presidents ruining our economy and going into wars that they should not have… Ben Carson isn’t facing negativity because of being a black republican, he is facing negativity because republicans are racist and he is apart of it when he should know better.


    • thecommanderinchief says:

      🙂 thanks for your comment! I can’t believe he is against marriage equality, that’s terrible truly & racism is horrendous of course. I’ve never heard of any of these things you mention, but thanks for justifying WHY you don’t like him! I am aware of the police violence, it’s frightening. I will google the things you mentioned! Have a nice day!


      • joseph says:

        Good to hear some social awareness, and there’s a lot wrong in today’s society to worry about—-but you still have much to learn. Conservative vs. liberal is actually people vs. people. Whole systems of government and especially economics are the root problems which need addressed—as well as fanaticism of any stripe. Rail against the systems, and remember that “people with a clever plan can assume the role of the mighty”–as the nazi’s did in Germany. Soon we will be noticing a tyranny of technology.


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