Let me make you worried…. and happy.

Today’s articles that have caught my attention + some other stuff.

I don’t know which sites you (the reader) follow on FB, but some of the ones I have liked have a tendency to post some of the same stories over and over.

An article that keeps on popping up in my feed is this one: People Sabotaging your life :/

Whenever I see this I start to ask myself if I could know any people like the ones mentioned in the article, so if you are a “worrier” don’t read it…

But if you did read the article above and now feel slightly stressed….you can now read this as a remedy:  8 ways to cope with anxiety

I have no idea why I clicked on the link that took me to this article…curiosity perhaps? I have to say…I still haven’t seen the tear-jerker that was unleashed upon the inter webs today….but I bet it’s epic! Grumpy looking British Rock Star

I was waiting for a while to check this article out, but whenever my siblings have seen that there was something about this guy on my computer they’ve gone crazy. I didn’t know who this was to be honest until I read the article, but cool story and charismatic looking guy. Happy Looking YouTube Millionaire

Speaking of kids having the same relationship to YouTube that people my age had to KidsTv & Mtv…when Mtv had music videos “cough, cough”… my youngest brother introduced me to this show yesterday…not quite sure what I think…he loves it though…

Came across a news story on the Beatles and just had to go and listen to this awesome track:

So so so so so cool. Awesome track. One of my favourite songs ever.

Which makes me think that…hmm…I’ve been listening to too much trendy pop music lately 😮

If you have ever wondered why Dogs tilt their heads go here: Cute Dog 🙂

And if you actually feel like reading a happy news story……lo and behold I actually found one 😮 Incredible 😀 A News Story With A Happy Ending

Goodnight \m/

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