5 Horrible People.

Woke up today and I’m still thinking of the attacks over in Paris. So crazy, so sad & so pointless 😦 I just feel like spamming social media with posts about Paris 😥

Today….I took a break from working on my metal-album and discovered that my sister was watching some seriously weird shit. I ended up sitting there together with her watching one of the most frightening  documentaries I’ve ever seen, a documentary about Jaycee Lee Dugard. Before I knew it the rest of the family joined in and the topic of debate became “Monsters” as we watched another documentary, this time about the Fritzl case. There are people out there who commit acts so horrid towards their fellow human beings that you just can’t believe how it is possible to be so sinister. How can an abusive, psychopathic monstrous person live with himself/herself? How is it possible to be so freakin’ insane? And to maintain this perfect facade and walk around and pretend like nothing is going on while you hide this horrid secret double life. Eeeeesh…it’s the definition of grotesque. People who can’t feel empathy, who don’t care and commit acts of cruelty towards they fellow human beings, don’t deserve a “fan-base” or whatever. They deserve the worst punishment possible.

I’m posting this post as a gruesome reminder that there are serious predators out there. Always remember to look after yourself and those you care about. For all you know there could live a monster on your block, right next door.

Psycho Nr.1- This guy locked his own daughter in his basement where he raped and abused her for 24 years. While his daughter was imprisoned downstairs giving birth to 7 children, he kept up the appearances with his “official family” upstairs. Talk about a sick bastard.

Psycho Nr.2- This guy caught the attention of the world when one of the women he held captive managed to escape. His horrible secret life spilled out in the open and finally put a stop to his reign of terror. While raping & abusing his victims, he went to church every Sunday and led a normal life pretending to be sane, even in court he maintained that he was a good guy, even when confronted with all the evidence proving his guilt.  He got 1000 years in prison for all of his crimes….

Psycho Nr.3 & 4- I don’t know which one is worst? Husband or wife? See this video about Jaycee Lee Dugard who was abducted by a married couple and kept as this man’s “slave” for 18 years. Seriously. Where do people like that come from? Seriously disturbing. And what a wife. Ugh…disgusting. May they burn in hell, both of them.

Psycho Nr.5- One of the most famous serial killers of all time. Charismatic and likeable on the surface, totally insane behind the mask.

Conclusion? Never walk around alone & never trust anyone. Remember…the nutcase that got hold of Dugard claimed that “he loved her” & Castro claimed that there was ” so much harmony” going on in his house of horror where he abused his victims. Psycho, with a huge, capital P. Stay alert, you never know 😮

6 thoughts on “5 Horrible People.

  1. rajhans says:

    dEAR CIC, it is really hard to believe that such monsters exist in skin of a human being.
    Yes, world is already is a messed up place. I m just praying god( if there is any),so that such horrific incidents do not happen again.


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