Stand by France!


Horrible news yesterday. Seriously awful. I’ll just say what I said on my social media sites, yesterday was an attack on our way of life, just like Charlie Hebdo was an attack on our freedom of speech. Yesterday was not an attack on France, it was an attack on anyone who lives in a free and democratic nation. It was an attack on ” Joie De Vivre”. Hatred, chaos and internal conflict is what these guys want, don’t let them win. The immediate consequences of the attacks will probably be more and more and more surveillance, until we one day, literally live in a prison. Again… Don’t let the bad guys destroy our way of life. We are all French today! Vive La France! Liberty! Equality! Fraternity! \m/ #Peace

Don’t let France descend into Hell. A great Article. Seriously worth a read.

All the details about the attacks in Paris, from The Guardian.

Chilling witness accounts.

War on happiness, another great article worth a read.

Paris candlelight vigils are being held around the world.

A French cartoonist’s response to the attacks.

Terror in Paris.

Freedom of Speech?

In the middle of all the tragedy and immense sadness. I was glad to see a news story that put a smile on my face 🙂 If you want to have a laugh, this story will do the job: Hilarious article, read this if you want to smile.

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