Anonymous & BinarySec Declares War Against Islamic State.

It is now official. Anonymous & BinarySec declares war against Islamic State. Say they will hack and stop their online activity, read this article to get all the details. Anonymous & BinarySec declares war after Paris attacks.

Watch the announcement in French right here: Anonymous announce that they will bring down Islamic State’s online activity.

Here is an article about the pianist who played John Lennon’s “Imagine” outside the Bataclan theatre: Imagine 🙂

And speaking of hackers….Bulgarian President claims that the Russian government has been hacking Bulgaria and that Russia plans “hybrid warfare” to destabilise Europe…Hybrid Warfare from Russia???

A very cool article documenting internet use across the globe: Internet info.

In the light of UK legislation enabling the storage of everyone’s web activity for a year, the plot of the latest James Bond movie couldn’t be more spot on. If you guys haven’t seen it, please do! It’s awesome \m/ Spectre Review \m/

And speaking of the digital world…Danny Boyle’s movie about Steve Jobs starring Fassbender, flops in the US of A….Steve Jobs Biopic \m/

The eating habits of 9 dictators. Came across this article right now, kinda interesting: The eating habits of 9 despots.

Some happy news. Jailed sex offender & disgraced entertainer Rolf Harris hospitalised due to “chocolate overdose”. Rolf Harris killing himself with sweets.

I have to admit that I had missed out on the Becky Watts case. Again as I wrote in my “5 Horrible People” entry. I can’t believe that people like this roam around among us. If Shana Hoare is a psychopath she will of course try to play the victim and claim that her guy was abusive and forced her to commit a criminal act. What the truth is we will never find out, except from the fact that Watts is dead and that Hoare & Matthews are guilty. Folie a deux

Hmm….I saw this “scandal”when the buzz sort of broke the internet. If what he says is true then this is a really shitty case considering that he actually paid up to keep these women quiet. If he didn’t reveal his ordeal though to the women he had sex with, he could go to jail from what I’ve heard. All the tabloid drama that has surrounded Sheen for ever is a sad display of how celebs with problems get treated by the tabloids and what sells to the masses. Charlie Sheen- HIV positive.

The press coverage surrounding Charlie Sheen’s “HIV Scandal” is heavily criticised by pretty much everyone. Sensationalist HIV coverage criticised.

British singer goes viral & grabs headlines after she releases a tearful video of her self crying about her latest single being ignored by Radio2. She claims she will quit the industry. Seriously. This is the age of YouTubers & people building careers online. Maybe I should make a tearful video bashing whomever since I’m an independent artist 😛 Just kidding. Seriously though…you gotta keep on moving forward. If things are hard or you get a “no” from somebody, find a way around the “no”and think things thru. This also makes me think of an entry I did a while back where I wrote that I’ve heard tons of stories about ” bands who change their image etc. to conform to the industry only to be let down by the very same people who told them to change”. I also read a very interesting interview with one of the first YouTube stars. She went viral and was one of the first acts to do so and found herself being featured on TV etc. in America. YouTube was a new thing and when she was offered a record deal with a major, she “jumped ships” and gave over everything to the label. She stopped handling her own YouTube and Social Media, because now she was gonna be a rock star and be part of the establishment. She did was she was told and released an album with music she hated and nobody bought, she lost touch with her online fan base and the whole thing fell apart. When sales were poor of the album released by the major, they dropped her. Bottom line is. Don’t sell out. Go into a partnership if the opportunity presents itself.Sandi Thom crying over Radio2.

Model makes an ass of herself on Instagram. Goes on a rant after receiving only 14 likes on a re-gram. Absolutely hilarious and equally disturbing. Get off your phone girl. Like dude. Seriously? Angry Model. Goes viral.

Student goes viral after addressing women and their makeup. Women and their makeup.

Great article about the “pay-gap” \m/ We need more female entertainers advocating equal pay. It doesn’t make any sense that a woman should be paid less for the same work that a man is doing. It’s an insult to women. Equal pay.

Teen girls feel pressured to send out nudes to guys they fancy, only to find themselves being ridiculed and bullied when their pics gets shared with everyone. Assholes will be assholes. NEVER send out nudes. Period. Especially if you get bullied into it. Sexting & nudes

Very funny article about sexism and Victoria Secret’s underwear show. Funny and well written 🙂 Sexism & modelling.

This chick is cool even though  I did wonder what a “Do-Nothing-Bitch” was when I saw that whole thing trending :/ A woman with muscles = hot. Ronda Rousey \m/

Never heard of this lady, but she is a billionaire at 31 and a business icon apparently. Check it out. Elizabeth Holmes.

If you feel miserable. This might be the reason. Why we are miserable.

An amazing article about loneliness. Very well written and something that should be discussed more. Loneliness kills.

People felt happy when they abstained from Facebook for a week. Social media Detox.

I’m puzzled by this case :/ Why give away this notebook if she feared the content? Had she forgotten about it? :/ Cute.

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