Disturbing Articles About Racism as entertainment & other articles worth a read.

Some articles that are worthy of your time, if you feel like reading.

I had never heard of Margaret Keane’s “Big Eyes” pictures, but saw Tim Burton’s movie the other night and that was time well spent. What a story and what a great performance by the actors, seriously I had no idea Christoph Waltz could be this funny. An equally dark & entertaining film, check it out folks. You can read more about one of the greatest “art-frauds” ever right here: Margaret Keane

Speaking of stealing from others and claiming other people’s ideas as your own…read this disturbing story about “Jim Crow” right here: Jim Crow

I had never heard of this ” Jim-Crow-Thing” until I read a very cool article concerning the first and only all black-women’s army unit sent overseas during WWII. A very inspiring read that is certainly worth checking out! Afro-American pioneer women \m/

As I read about “Jim Crow” above this also led me to check out what on earth “Blackface” is. I remember seeing furious comments on YouTube after South African rap-group “Die Antwoord” featured a so-called “Blackface-character” in one of their videos. I also remember a huge backlash when Robert Downey Junior was gonna be “black” in one of his movies. To understand the outrage whenever people see a “BlackFace” check out this disturbing article and you will understand why this is a delicate and very sensitive topic. I’m quite frankly shocked after reading this: Blackface :/

Today’s big talk in Norway is that Anneke Von Der Lippe has made history by being the first Norwegian to ever win an Emmy! This is seriously awesome! First Norwegian To Win An Emmy!

Adele proves that physical albums still sells 😉 Adele!

And NATO countries might be in deep shit since the Turkish government are a bunch of assholes. Thanks Turkey! Seriously…. what a bunch of idiots, shooting down a Russian fighter jet. Interesting thing to note is that the Russians haven’t lost a single plane during their fight against IS…until a NATO country shoots one down. Seriously. Why are Turkey a NATO country? Their leader is a total nut case. Time to abolish NATO or get rid of Turkey? Turkey just made an ass of themselves.

Speaking of Russia. Patriarch Kirill’s hat is making waves online. Kirill’s funny hat.

A pigeon blows itself up in Paris. Homicidal Pigeon

An insane murder case from Britain. A man kills his own stepsister together with his girl friend. They both joke about the murder via text messages afterwards. Total nutcase. Read about the tragic Becky Watts case right here: Tragedy from Britain.

A very tragic case, again from the UK. A 14-year-old was stabbed to death by an 18-year-old he met online. The mother of the victim contacted the authorities as she feared that her son was being “groomed” online by a predator. The police ignored her and she lost her son. Read about it here: More UK tragedy

Freemason members revealed by the Freemason’s themselves. Freemason’s reveal past members.

More about the former freemason’s right here: Quite some cool names.

I don’t know why I clicked on this article. But it was interesting. Interesting.

Back to show biz. Are you a Star Wars fan? Well then you should check this out: George Lucas.

A cool insight into special effects and what “sets” actually looks like. Famous Movie Scenes \m/

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