Animal Cruelty & other articles.

Do you love animals? I certainly do and was totally shocked at this particular news story yesterday:

“Teenagers steal puppy, feed it drugs, burn it, break its neck and leave dog for dead on rubbish tip”. I’m completely disgusted by this case. You can read the whole story here: Sadistic Teens Mutilate Defenceless Puppy.

Animal cruelty is on the rise in the UK: How you treat animals says all about you.

Cheryl Cole not interested in being associated with drugs:Might take legal action due to unfortunate photo

Female editor not interested in children gets harassed by online trolls after she reveals that she doesn’t want children. Why are women evil if they don’t want kids?

An old article about the movie industry and the “failure” of the movie “Pan”. I have no idea where this article came from, but it’s an interesting read if you are tired of prequels, sequels, remakes and 10.000 different ways of telling the same children’s tale 😛 The Box Office Failure Of Pan

And here you got some Tube news. Yes. New rules for anyone travelling with the London Tube. Hilarious. The London Underground

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