Funeral For A Fish.

Yes that’s right. Not only are we keeping Dragons in this household, we also have some aquarium fish. It’s funny how precious life is and how concerned you become with everyone’s well-being, even the well-being of a little gold-fish ๐Ÿ™‚ Are musicians ideal pet owners? Probably not. I keep a pet Dragon and I think that’s cool. Keeping up with all the details regarding the family’s gold-fish collection is not really my thing, I’m perfectly fine with just cleaning the tanks. Check the awesome pic below.

…Human beings are funny. We don’t mind inviting nature into our lives as long as it is “contained”, “controlled”. We bring green plants into our houses, flowers, reptile tanks and fish tanks. We have such a need for systems that even our animals are supposed to be organised. Just a funny thought that crossed my mind yesterday.

My ramblings aside, today was another sad day in the fish department as Fish # 4 was found dead this morning, or I suppose the correct way of saying it would be, the corpse of Fish # 4 or Corpse # 4. The gold-fish aren’t mine but we all look after whatever or whoever needs looking after. Keeping fish is a dangerous businessย obviouslyย and today I buried, with a little tombstone and a little flower, the fourth fish to kick the bucket in the Hagen household. What follows are 4 accounts of these fallen creatures that left us so dramatically and suddenly….

Fish 1–The first fish to depart us was a glamorous looking Angel Fish when we lived over in Brook House. The last weeks of this fancy looking being were nothing short of dreadful. I don’t remember how it happened, but one of the eyes of this creature fell out ๐Ÿ˜ฎ It seemed to be suffering a great deal and it seemed to us that the other gold-fish in the fish tank were picking on this fish and his/her bud. So we purchased another tank specifically for the fashionistas in black, pouring God knows how many drugs into this tank to save our one-eyed patient. Sadly this didn’t really seem to help and Fish # 1 was so reduced in health it could only swim sideways. The other Angel fish was adorable as it kept on staying right next to his dying companion and wouldn’t leave from its side. Whomever said Fish were stupid? Anyway, my mother was obsessed with saving and rescuing this poor fellow who had probably the worst “death-bed” imaginable for a fishy, slowly but surely looking more and more like a zombie fish, unable to move properly. Eventually we felt that a “mercy killing” was the only humane thing to do. Officially though it died of natural causes. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Fish 2–The next house we lived in was ridiculously huge, and I barely even ventured into the part of the house were the fish tanks were. The fishes were largely unattended the one time I had responsibility for them, so when certain family members returned and one of the orange fishes had its abdomen ruptured, laying dead in the fish tank, all hell broke loose since I had not noticed. Cause of Death? Uncertain.

Fish 3—We downsized and now have a smaller home. Which means that the Angel Fish Tank is in the room where I have my desk & musical equipment. Total horror gripped me when I one day discovered a partially decomposed Angel Fish that was stuck on top of the filter, with a split stomach full of undigested pellets. The fish tank smelled of rotten fish and the “oh-so-glamorous” Angel looked absolutely horrible. Since I was the one who discovered the corpse, I gave it a proper burial.


Cause of death? Was it overeating or did it get stuck over the filter? We don’t know, but an interesting thing to know is that whenever you feed your pet fish, you always have to remove any excess pellets after feeding. Another interesting thing to note was that the remaining Angel fish, who we believe is the same fish that survived the previous Angel-Death, didn’t swim around in the tank for days. It was just laying still on the bottom of the tank. We got worried that maybe it had died too, but we later thought to ourselves that it was probably depressed. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


Depressed Angel Fish

Fish 4–Fin rot. Yes you read that correctly. Not only can fish die of a tummy that explodes, or mysterious infections that make them lose organs or swim upside down, they can also die of fin rot. My brother was the one who noticed a couple of days ago that one of the orange fishes was loosing parts of its “tail”. I nearly fainted when I saw this and my brother purchased an arsenal of fin rot medications the day after. We were too late though as my brother found the fish dead in the tank this morning, only 2 days after the initial “fin-rot-discovery”. All of its tail was completely gone. An interesting thing to note for any aquarium owner: My brother addressed that one of the plants had leaves with too much algae, he also had a theory that by leaving the same plants in the tank for too long, lots of “dirt” or “mud” had accumulated at the bottom of the tank. Probably being a mix of poop from the fishes, mixed with dead leaves. The roots of the algae infested plant had grown and spread around the bottom of the tank. Also, another thing to bear in mind. You will get snails into your tank and they will only increase in numbers. You will get them once you decide to add plants into your aquarium a few are fine but there should never be too many ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Anyway…Cause of Death in Fish # 4 ? We are not sure. Was it bacteria coming from the plants? Was it stress? Who knows. At least it got a proper burial with “mini-tombstone”, flower and all.


If you are the owner of fish and/or have the responsibility for other’s fish you probably found this interesting, if not, this was undoubtedly the most boring read of your entire life….

P.S. The other 10 fish are alive and well, and have been since we got them nearly three years ago.


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