Hot babes & Russia vs. Turkey.

Turkey jails journalists for revealing transportation of weapons from the Turkish government to Syrian rebels: News from Aljazeera

The two journalists claimed that the Turkish secret secret service was behind it: From the Guardian

Lots of articles concerning the current Turkey vs. Russia situation:

Putin is pissed off

Erdogan- sad about downing of plane, but doesn’t want to apologise

The Russian embassy is trolling Turkey…

Russia sought compensation for plane, Turkey refuses to pay and refuses to say sorry

…aaaand NATO are making an ass of themselves…

Mother chained her ISIS-poster-girl daughter to radiator to stop her from joining ISIS

Science says that successful kids have parents like this: How to kick ass, according to Science

1st world problems here we go….Vine is down 😦 Anyone having problems with their Vine? Apparently the app isn’t compatible with my iPhone anymore 😦 And the volume doesn’t work on the old version either :/ Lame shit.

Welcome to Norway. A country where female bloggers become A-list-celebs. Even though this kiiindaaa reminds me of my song “Famous” I gotta say that these sneak peaks into the Norwegian TV-Show “The Bloggers” were kinda cool 😮 Check out…Hot chick-bloggers from the North:


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