1984-Orwells classic becoming more relevant by the day?

Very nice! I just finished up an entry comparing 1984 & Brave New World. This review I just came across was spot on! Certainly worth a read 🙂



Upon reading 1984 recently I could not help myself from wondering what harsh environment or upbringing Orwell must have experienced to construct such masterpieces as AnimalFarm and 1984. In reality I couldn’t care less what made him write these books but his mind must have been a maze of intricate theory and ideological debate. One thing is for sure, I’m very glad he put his ideas down on paper to be enjoyed by all. I can’t think of a book more relevant than 1984 when it comes to today’s society.

Winston Smith is the free prisoner of Oceania, living his life of toil and misery in post-atomic London. His life is one long struggle under the rule of the most barbaric government imaginable. There is no privacy,  no free speech,  no free thought as ‘Big Brother’  maintains a watchful eye. I found the book a desperately bleak…

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