Mental Health & other articles.

I had no idea that there was something called “gas-lighting” until I read an article about it yesterday. That’s when I recognised certain behaviour that I experienced this year myself, for 5 months that is. Incredible. Seems like someone had a field day messing around with me on my private social media accounts. Why? I have no idea why. Just that you attract odd behaviour now and then as an artist. Gas lighting is when someone either sets you up or twists and lie about information to drive you crazy or make you lose credibility in front of others. It is a form of mental abuse. Too often people speak of abuse as being physical, but abuse can also be a mental thing. It is way harder to detect as there are no visible scars and probably in my opinion, way more common. Check out this article as a warning: Advance Mental Abuse

Now this is a very scary article indeed. I tried to be on a vegetarian, in fact, a vegan diet in 2014, but found myself eventually feeling totally drained of energy. I came back to a meat diet and tried going flexi-tarian this year, meaning no meat but eggs, milk & lots of fish. My plan was to become vegan gradually but after this article and recognising some of the problems they describe I’ve changed my mind. On another note, speaking of meat. Did you guys now that people who suffer from epilepsy suffer from less seizures once they change their diet and eat more meat? Animal fat ( that has to be consumed as part of meat itself) helps and is the most efficient way to reduce the amount of epilepsy attack. Read it in a peer-reviewed science journal, very interesting indeed. If you want to know how a vegan diet can affect your mental health, read on: Mental side effects of no meat

10 signs of suffering from an addiction according to Dr.Phil: Dr.Phil

Saw this yesterday 🙂 If you wanna get some technical info regarding my uniforms you can read here :):) This is the lady who made them 🙂 Commander Uniforms 🙂

Cool picture of Putin looking like a boss & some funny quotes. Putin in western’ media

Show biz drama. This just goes to show you how you always have to watch your mouth when you are a celeb. Just throwing a name out there isn’t a small thing. Show Biz Drama

This made me laugh! Hilarious 😀



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