1984 vs. Brave New World

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I'm primarily a 7 string guitar virtuoso, bel-canto trained coloratura soprano & songwriter in Classical-Crossover, Heavy Metal & Acoustic Music. I've been featured in a number of major international music magazines, National Newspapers, etc; I've played major festivals & have been a Talk-Show guest on National TV & Radio. I've also been a coach & a judge on Norwegian prime time TV show "Stjernekamp" :) I've released an Amazon bestselling Classical Album that has been going in and out of the charts ever since its release in 2014 and I've also been award nominated for my work in Heavy Metal. I've written & illustrated "The Freezing Snowman" and a number of other books. This blog was started in 2015 due to public demand and has so far resulted in one book called "Thoughts." I've pretty much written about anything that one can write about besides make-up, dating and fashion. This blog has gone trough numerous changes both in terms of topics and layout. I don't know for how long my blogging-hobby will continue.

5 thoughts on “1984 vs. Brave New World

  1. I can’t really add to this other than to say I’m impressed 🙂
    For a long time now I have seen our society evolving into a mix of BNW and 1984. It’s almost like a brick of ice in the face when I can see what I consider classic science fiction becoming reality. This is why I’ve always been proud to say that I am an absolute non-conformist who refuses to follow the status-quo. There are times when I feel like I’m watching a society of white mice running through a maze thinking the cheese is the end-game … when escaping the maze should be the real goal.
    Anyway, keep on writing B .. I love reading it 🙂


  2. If you liked these books, should try out the works of G K Chesterton, Hilaire Belloc and Alexandr Solzhenitsyn. The first two dealt with the problems of capitalism and socialism in some of their works and put forward a system of distributism. And of course Solzhenitsyn has plenty to say on the problems of socialism…


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