1984 vs. Brave New World


Whenever people speak about how we are turning into a 1984 dystopia, I cannot help but to think about Aldus Huxley’s Brave New World. I have to admit that our society resembles Huxley’s dystopian vision even more in my opinion. In fact it is as if thought we are living in a strange mix of the two, where our secular, uber consumer, self centred, greed infested, appearance obsessed Brave New World is becoming more and more like 1984 in terms of surveillance etc. I find it strange that the Huxley comparison doesn’t come up more often, but I wonder if the reason for this is that if your prison is made of gold, or is invisible, as to create the illusion of freedom, then why would you complain?

A culture of irresponsibility, centred around personal pleasure is again way more true to the “Fordship” than the stark, spartan nature of big brother. But then I suppose one might feel this way as only people who are considered “an enemy of the state” has any dealings with said Big Brother. An interesting thing to note is how everyone has a screen in their homes and how you are being watched at all times in Orwell’s dystopia. We are being watched at all times in our free society today, but we are being watched voluntarily within our four walls. Meaning that we all share information with the world of our whereabouts without being pressured into it. Which means that normal people, who are not artists and/or entrepreneurs selling something, cannot wait to share their preferences in all things with whomever that is willing to listen. Submitting all this information to a modern STASI database in the form of Facebook and/or any other social media site. A wet dream for business, an even wetter one for Big Brother. Another interesting thing to note, is the contineous war effort in Orwell’s dystopia, how the fighting is happening far away and how it never seems to end. The editing of news can resemble our mainstream media, the contineous work on their “news speak” how our language is constantly altered. Altered  to make it increasingly political correct, as if thought the end destination of political correctness is a homogenous mass in terms of opinions, where individualism is mercilessly crushed at a young age and any critical thinking towards the government eradicated.The constant official change of terms also make older people come across as outdated as to mark a shift between generations. You are an old outdated model. Out with you and your irrelevant non-sense. The changing of the way people speak is actually what fascinated me the most I believe in 1984 as you gotta ask yourself what the intended long term goal is in watering down everything with political correctness and new improved ways to describe and adress old concept, ideas and objects.

If anyone is to make any references to the  democratic west turning into the police state of Orwell’s 1984 you have to include Huxle’s Brave New World and vica versa.

Maybe The Hunger Games triology is more accurate in its depiction of society as it is right now, globally speaking. With the capital enjoying mindless entertainment, fashion and wealth, while everything is being manufactured in the districts by invisible hands that no one sees.

It makes you think about all this manufacturing re-located to distant places none of us can relate to or our mass killing culture in industrialised agriculture. A reality nobody has to deal with or face as we carelessly drop by the local shop or mall, buying products packed in carefully designed embalage, that sells us glamour or a cosy cow grazing in an idyllic setting. We know nothing about where the things we consume come from. I believe most kids today probably don’t even know, that once upon a time you could only get certain fruits and/or vegetables when each had its season. Now we live in a society where everything should be accessible to all, at all times as long as they can pay.

A communist dystopia is equally nightmarish as a capitalist dystopia. They are equally alarming in their most extreme form. Big government equal big business. Cynicism in big business equal cynicism in big government.

Yet most seem to feel that big government is cosier than big buisiness, that cynics only find their way into the private sector.

This seems to be the general sentiment, while people worship his “Fordship”living out Huxley’s dystopia, with only a handful showing concern towards the sneaky, slow, shadowy move towards 1984 through clever legislation, that in the wrong hands could incriminate most people.

But why care if you have the freedom to spend, consume and party within a golden cage you are bred to believe you eventually can escape from?


5 thoughts on “1984 vs. Brave New World

  1. I can’t really add to this other than to say I’m impressed 🙂
    For a long time now I have seen our society evolving into a mix of BNW and 1984. It’s almost like a brick of ice in the face when I can see what I consider classic science fiction becoming reality. This is why I’ve always been proud to say that I am an absolute non-conformist who refuses to follow the status-quo. There are times when I feel like I’m watching a society of white mice running through a maze thinking the cheese is the end-game … when escaping the maze should be the real goal.
    Anyway, keep on writing B .. I love reading it 🙂


  2. If you liked these books, should try out the works of G K Chesterton, Hilaire Belloc and Alexandr Solzhenitsyn. The first two dealt with the problems of capitalism and socialism in some of their works and put forward a system of distributism. And of course Solzhenitsyn has plenty to say on the problems of socialism…


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