Sadistic robots & the poverty police.


This year supermarkets in the UK decided tha they would start charging for plastic bags. I think the price is 50 pence per bag. This created an uproar from people who sees the rich as only getting richer constantly stomping and crushing the poorest of the poor.

I didn’t really think much about the bag change besides how Ridiculous it is for huge corporations to make a big fuzz about 50 pence. Nothing is for free in our world not even shitty plastic bags, I shook my head at the banality of our world and did not let this news devote a lot of my attention.

That changed after my first encountered with the newly re programmed bots at the self check out at my local supermarket. You see……. now these souless, cold hearted robots have been programmed to inspect your bags to make sure that you don’t steal any of these 50 pence bags. I was in a hurry and found myself being held back by the machine, that obviously being the machine it is didn’t bulge at all whatsoever, I left the bot to go to another bot only to be held by that one as well. I waited for ages for someone to come and inspect my bags. In the meantime I was staring at the firm nazi bot refusing me to leave, wishing I could massacre it with an axe or something.

I was being held back for a product that cost only 2Β£. I was waiting for ever and grew increasingly hateful towards the bot or whoever it was that had programmed it, if 50 pence really is such a matter of life or death that you have to inspect your customers, then our money driven world has really hit an all time low.

The British queueing culture is something you will get accustomed to quickly and something that you will miss when you realise how badly behaved a lot of cultures are when you travel around. Yet as I was standing there at the supermarket with an ever growing queue behind me, I couldn’t help but wonder how many others, behind their apparent collected facade, were growing increasingly homicidal due to the uncompromising robot.

Another example of how low our culture can possibly sink when it comes to small money is actually the London tube.

Last time I was gonna travel I brought with me a ridiculous amount of coins so that I could use all the change that was floating about to pay for a tube ticket. What I didn’t know is that the machines at the tube only accepts a limited amount of coins, especially 10 pence coins; so if you hit the limit on the machine it will not accept any more money from you. You’ll Β have to cancel your payment, and as a sadistic move to top it all up the bot will give you ONLY 10 pence coins in return, which will make your situation even worse.

Solution oriented as I can be I tried other bots only to get the same treatment as they’ve all been programmed the same. I then turned to the only cafee at the station only to be told that they could not help anyone with change. I seriously didn’t feel like using my card for a 6Β£ transaction. But you can see how this situation reminded me of the 2.50Β£ I was being held back for at the supermarket. Such pity sums, yet so much fuzz, it’s incredible….

I was waisting my time and ended up getting cash from Β an ATM something that again bugged me as I obviously received even more coins after paying the 6Β£ ticket fee with paper money….my bag was now ridiculously heavy and I was loosing even more time as I had to look for an exchange office to turn all my change into proper cash.

As I sat on the tube I asked myself, why on earth the machines would be programmed the way they were.

Who uses change? Students….Homeless people….and that’s when the thought struck me that maybe the tubes change policy is the way it is so as to keep homeless people away, the official explanation probably being that the bots fill up too quickly if 10p coins are allowed.

Anyway, it’s annoying to be held back and/or loose trains due to silly bot polecies and the worst is that you cannot debate with any of these robots, which makes them the ultimate employees I suppose.

They just carry out orders and couldn’t care less.

God forbid they ever replace law enforcement.

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