Disastrous Disasters, Chapter III.

Contrary to what the title might suggest, it was quite nice to come back to our spacious home, especially since I found the house in the clean & tidy state in which I left it.

With the exception of my very own signature tea cups, that were waiting for me in all their splendour, greeting me in my very own room. Thank you- me.

IMG_3127 (1)


Guess I got a taste of my own merciless medicine. Looking at the bright side I contributed to the creation of 2 new eco-systems, so I guess I can say I’ve done my part in terms of saving the earth.

Infernal headache of the worst kind has set its claws in me and I guess you could say that this has been one of those no days, where your greatest accomplishment is a PhD in absolute nothingness, besides excruciating pain in my case.

I had one of the worst nights of my life, where I first struggled to fall asleep and when I finally did so, found myself trapped in something as old-school as a nightmare.

A nightmare where the identity of last year’s creep, who shall remain infamous for trolling me for 5 months in the digital world, was revealed as an old acquaintance of mine, sporting a butchers apron, on his way to finish me off.

When I awoke after 2 hellish hours of what can hardly be described as sleep, I tried my best, once again to get some rest, but this time with the lights on, just in case.

As if thought hiding deep inside your duvet and sleeping with your lights on, ever was a great defence tactic towards tangible spectres in the real world or those of the dream world.



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