Charlie Hebdo & Blasphemy.


Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo shootings and it was hard not to think about it.

The worst part is that after the attack religious leaders from around the world all came to the conclusion together, that the problem at the heart of not only Charlie Hebdo, but turbulence in the world in general was blasphemy.

Indirectly this means that they actually blamed the Paris attack on the “blasphemous” staff at Charlie Hebdo.

Now, a theocratic society is what people in the West have been fighting AGAINST, for so long, Β it seems very out-of-place to backtrack on certain issues.

As far as Islam goes, take a look at how the West have bashed and smashed its own Christianity to pieces, especially in the entertainment industry, where ridicule of Christianity has been perfected into an art form. If you come out of the closet as a Christian, living the proper life of a believer, you do so risking absolute ridicule.


Just think about how confusing it must be if you are brought up by ultra conservative parents in this uber-liberal society that we have become.

How are you gonna deal with peer pressure and how are you gonna be able to be part of the normal student body without naturally becoming an outsider?

In my personal opinion, it is to say that a human being is stupid, if one is to say that a human being cannot have an inner moral compass without the doctrines of religion. I simply refuse to dismiss people in such a way.

Anyway–I don’t really think that muslims are under attack at all whatsoever, if you look at what OUR official religion has been put thru.


If you are gonna live in Europe and be part of a European country…well you gotta respect the locals. That’s just how it goes. We have to do that if we travel as tourists and foreigners into other continents, so it makes no sense that we should accommodate all sorts of requests “alien” populations should have within our countries.

Yet…it seems that our politicians and judges are so afraid of the intimidating power of Islam that they bend backwards to accommodate whatever requests, even if it goes against the very laws that they are meant to uphold….Allowing Sharia Law in European countries for example, within certain territories that now apparently have become muslim…

There is no problem with muslims in Europe if they are integrated into our society.

Just as there is no problem with modern/secular/moderate-muslims if they are like modern/secular/moderate-christians.

The problem arise when they isolate themselves in their own ghettos.

Or behave like this:Β Not cool.

I suppose the only reason authority figures officially put their head in the sand, is to avoid claims of “racism” which has become the “new witch-hunt” and to “maintain social order” without realising that all they do is to anger “ethnic Europeans” fueling under extremists on the far-right, who seem to be the only people standing up against the so-called “Islamification of Europe”, in the eyes of the angry.

(Note that Europeans have historically fought against islamic expansion into their territories).

Should I go to a muslim country and bring a whole bunch of fellow Europeans and then demand my own laws and whatnot in “my territory”?

Killing people who offend me? I would get into trouble by just walking alone outside my residency, without the company of a man and/or without a hijab if I went to certain countries.


I remember hearing of a news-story a while back, many years ago now, of a gay norwegian couple that had been out walking in Oslo, when they all of a sudden got harassed as they walked into a “muslim neighbourhood”. Such behaviour was not allowed in “a muslim territory”. A gay couple was not allowed to walk there. This is not what the secular west has fought for. Remember that gay people were thrown into prison or chemically castrated in the UK not that long ago. This it the type of behaviour we are ashamed of in our modern society of acceptance.


Maybe our greatest crime is failing to realise that we are a quite unique continent, I suppose that’s why people flock from all over the world to come over here. Even if you compare most of Europe to the USA-we have a welfare system that somehow works and an ultra liberal society overall, not to forget that most European countries have free universities. It seems like we are Β taking certain attitudes for granted in other cultures. It is the same with our obsession with disarmament. Just because we want to be a bunch of hippies all of a sudden, doesn’t mean the rest of the world wants to. We laugh at leaders like that idiot over in North Korea, like he is some kind of a joke ( a very sick one indeed). Because we, are past Hitler & Mussolini, we don’t take characters who wants to come and take over the whole world seriously…Β Those type of characters are reserved for comedy in our modern west. (That doesn’t mean that the west has forgotten its bloody history.)




Apparently there are areas in Marseille where the authorities have NO authority, so-called “lost territories” that ethnic french people stay away from..

Speak about any of this though, and you are probably a racist as if thought only white people can be racist.

And THAT lie right there, that only white people can be racist—such naivetΓ© could easily become our untergang.

Don’t forget Charlie Hebdo and don’t forget the reaction it provoked from religious leaders.

Religious leaders are all united in their sentiment when it comes to anything “blasphemous”. Holy words and doctrines should ideally never be questioned I suppose, neither should their authenticness or the divine entities or prophets who “authored” them.

Remember…. according to the Vatican “atheists” are in lead with the devil and the true evil out there today, along with blasphemy of course…

I cannot help but feel that this kind of mentality is dangerous, counterproductive, absolutely backwards in 2016 and an assault on freedom of speech and critical thinking.


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