2 Shocking Articles Worthy A Read.


A fact that people tend to ignore when it comes to the old-fashioned slave trade, is that those Africans that were unfortunate enough to end up in Arabic countries were all killed. The reason as to why we have an African American population in the US today is that they were at least allowed to reproduce and have some sort of a life. I’m bringing this up as an article caught my attention today, about Filipino women being abused and treated as slaves in today’s world by their Arabic employers. These domestic workers sometimes end up here in the UK, but as their visas are linked to their abuser, it is difficult for them to actually get away.

The gulf countries are notorious for their poor treatment of domestic workers, who are treated like modern day slaves. The financial situation is so hard for Filipino women back in their home country that they decide to take the risk by seeking employment in Arabic countries, hoping they won’t face abuse by their muslim employers.

It is quite interesting what money allows you to get away with. The fact that the women would get into trouble by leaving their employer instead of the employer getting into trouble by being abusive is astonishing. God only knows what happens to all those people who disappear without a trace in our part of the world every year. It is quite disturbing. Many will claim that slavery never ended, it just went underground.

And that’s a disturbing thought right there. On a different note. I’ve always thought that the “free float of goods and people” between European borders was spooky as I’ve always thought that this policy must have made trafficking/smuggling easier. I suppose the attitude towards the European border policy will change with the growing instability we are currently facing.

Below is an article about Arabic mistreatment of domestic workers, which will lead you to more articles about the same dilemma as people in the UK have been trying to help these women. I’ve also included an interesting article with some of the activities that is “worthy” of the death penalty according to the actions of Islamists.

Shocking article 1

Shocking article 2


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