Severus Snape.

News have been ticking in lately of a myriad of legends and/or show biz personalities dying of cancer.

The whole world was gripped in grief over the death of cultural icon David Bowie while the whole metal world was still mourning the loss of metal-icon Lemmy.

Now these legends have been joined by British character actor Alan Rickman who portrayed “Severus Snape” in all of the Harry Potter movies.

In surveys it is Snape who is the most popular character in J.K.Rowling’s universe.

The first HP book was translated to Norwegian when I was either in 5th or 6th grade. As I was constantly hanging out at the local library, I would often inquire about the latest book trends. “Well, people are on the waiting list for the latest “rage” over in England” I was told. “What is this book about?” ” Oh it’s about magic and oh…a wizard”. Always curious on the latest trends I signed up for this “latest-trend-from-England”( even though fantasy never really was my thing) Β and was one of the first Norwegians to have the Norwegian translation of Harry Potter in my hands.

From then on there was a steady stream of books from Rowling, eventually accompanied by a plethora of movies and an even greater amount of merchandise. There cannot possibly be another author who had a greater impact culturally during our childhoods, influencing a whole generation of kids. My brother, who never had much interest in books, all of a sudden was sitting there glued to Rowling’s masterpieces reading them all and can probably credit his love for reading to her, I lost count how many times we watched the different movies when they finally came out on DVD. We even had the first HP movie on VHS!

The year we lived in France we had a Hogwarts inspired Christmas and God knows how many HP related “things” we received as gifts, etc. throughout the years.

The whole family stood in a queue over at Barnes and Nobles when we live in Chicago, to get our hands on the very last Harry Potter book. The queue was enormous and we waited for what felt like an eternity. The number one question racing in people’s minds were: “is Severus a good guy or a bad guy?”. The tension was such that one of the first people in the queue jumped into a certain section of the book screaming on top of his lungs “Snape Dies! Snape! Snape was a good guy”.

We witnessed Harry, Hermione and Ron grow up on the screen, just like our generation grew up on the other side of the silver screen. That’s exactly why I think of it as a very different cultural phenomenon.

As a tribute to J.K.Rowling’s most beloved character and the man who so brilliantly portrayed him: here are some pictures of Severus Snape πŸ™‚





























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