The Frozen Woman.

Yes. That’s right.

This is the same Michelet who wrote the book I reviewed yesterday.

Didn’t I say that Michelet had it in him to write a masterpiece?

Turns out that I was right.

There are 12 years between book one and book two and you would honestly think that they have been authored by two widely different people.

While book one is a scuba dive into the psyche of Thygesen, book two steers clear of such things and gradually weave several separate stories into one.

The main focuses are the detectives from Kipros and the investigation that they have at hand. An investigation that is initiated by Thygesen finding a frozen corpse in his garden.

Michelet showcases his mastery of the written word, like a sword-master elegantly would show of his craft. He has simply created one hell of a page turner in the likes of NesbΓΈ, Mankell, Larsson, etc.

I started reading “The Frozen Woman” yesterday hoping that it would be a better read than “White Like Snow”.

All the references to cultural personalities that could have dated the book are gone, the unessential descriptions gone, vulgarity also gone, and what you are left with is an exceptional thriller that is impossible to separate with, a story that will keep you awake until you are done reading.

Sure the setting has to deal with the underworld, but it has been tastefully done so it is palpable.

The fact that the identity of the corpse is kept hidden until the very last chapters of the book is nothing but genius.

None of the pages are excessive, in fact you get he impression that the book has been written with the “screen” in mind.

I cannot help but to feel that it would make for a very cool high pace action movie, where the investigators are running against time.

An interesting thing to note is that if I had read “White like Snow” and ” The Frozen Woman” hadn’t been part of the “2 books in one deal”. I would never have bothered to check out book 2. There is such a difference in the two that book one the way I see it, only holds interest as a study into Michelet’s evolution as a writer.

I would recommend checking out the modern crime classic that in my opinion is ” The Frozen Woman” but would urge people to stay clear of ” White Like Snow” as I honestly think it was a bore to read.

“The Frozen Woman” on the contrary kept me awake all night and on the edge of my seat.

A nordic crime masterpiece.

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