Insane Muslims In London.


This video is making the rounds online of a group of Conservative Militant Muslims spewing their hate down in London. I’m amazed that these idiots are allowed to be in the U.K. People can talk about freedom of speech as much as they want, but if you are a foreigner and you HATE the country that you are currently living in and keep your fellow muslims in contempt and the original population of your new country in even more contempt, then why are you allowed to stay?

Wouldn’t these people classify as an enemy to the “state” and an enemy to the people/democracy?

In my opinion any “European” Muslim that decides to go ahead and fight along ISIS, should be prosecuted for treason and treated like a war criminal. They should either be denied re-entry into their European country of residence or sent straight to jail.

In my opinion western governments are acting as if though we don’t have any enemies when they let insane people like the ones in the video walk around and spread their message. They are an enemy to secular/modern/moderate western muslims, an even greater threat to ethnic western people and a colossal threat to anything that we stand for in the secular west.

That evil, racist, voices like these are allowed any room, is insanity. These guys are the equivalence of the Nazi party. Shut them up and send them out.


Here is a tragic story of a muslim female photographer killed by Islamists. Her crime? She was parked outside a cappuccino cafe in Burkina Faso along with her Amnesty International partner. Leila Alaoui


One thought on “Insane Muslims In London.

  1. Marta

    This freedom of speech goes both ways dont u think so? So you know little girl, you cant say all the nonsense u want and pretend the muslims to be quiet. Alhamdulillah uk its not the country of cucks ( as it is Norway) and muslims are not cucks as men in your country. Remember freedom of speech goes both ways. ( write this 100 times so u can learn it better


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