Making A Murderer.


Yes, that’s right.

Like so many others I decided to check out Netflix’s documentary concerning the “Steven Avery Case”. I’m not going to spoil the series by revealing too much, but the fact that Steven Avery was found guilty when you look at the lack of evidence, is nothing but disturbing, (if the Documentary showed the whole truth that is.)

Still I think that Steven Avery’s faith pales in comparison to his nephew’s Brendan Dassey, who at the age of 16/17 was sentenced to life in prison, with NO physical evidence tying him to the crime at all whatsoever. He incriminated himself, when he under an interview with suggestive detectives, guessed his way to how the crime had been committed.

This 16-year-old relative of Steven Avery was a kid suffering from learning difficulties, and I guess he was on the borderline of being considered retarded or something, yet he was treated like an adult and even had an attorney that tried to literally set him up. An extremely disturbing case.

The whole scenario is alarming as Steven Avery had been exonerated from prison, after spending 18 years behind bars as an innocent man. He was filing a lawsuit against the authorities, a law suit that would have hurt his local police department and some of its local sheriffs, as their insurance people had backed out when it came to the claim. The law suit would have ruined these law enforcement figures, who all of a sudden found themselves in the position of arresting Steven Avery, only 3 weeks after their own deposition, when Teresa HalbachΒ went missing and Avery became the prime suspect in the murder case.

The local police were not supposed to be part of the investigation as it was established that it would be a “conflict of interest”, yet the local police department was involved. Critical evidence was found by the very men that Avery was suing.Β 

I think a lot of people are asking themselves who Teresa’s killer could have been if it isn’t Avery, well here is one theory:Β Edward Wayne Edwards

Here is another theory:Β Who was the killer of Teresa Halbach?

Despite the portrayal of Steven Avery in the series though, I came across a very interesting and recent interview with Avery’s former fiancΓ©e, Jodi. She came out in an interview speaking of the abuse that she experienced at the hands of Avery and of how she thinks that he did kill Teresa Halbach. I found the interview very interesting indeed as Steven Avery in the documentary seemed convinced that the authorities were trying to keep Jodi away from him.

Well obviously they were, as the officer that was handling Jodi’s DUI case had seen her bruises, etc. There was also an arrest of Avery due to domestic abuse before he found himself in the middle of the Halbach murder case.

He did also send threatening letters to his first wife of how he was gonna kill her, but this was only mentioned briefly in the beginning of the Netflix series.

People commenting on the Jodi video on YouTube, claim that she is probably lying in the interview as she was seen as a devoted and loving girlfriend in the series, believing in Avery’s innocence. Now though she claims that she was afraid of Avery and that she “just did what she was told”. I do believe that abusive relationships are tricky. The number one question that people always ask an abuse victim is “Why did the victim stay for so long?” the answer is always that the victim “didn’t see a way out” or was so afraid, that they didn’t dare to leave.

So it’s a psychological stronghold that the abuser has. Also, an interesting fact, is the phone call that Brendan Dassey made to his mother where he claimed Β that he was afraid of Avery and didn’t want to face him in court.

I don’t really think that Dassey was guilty of anything, but maybe he knew what his uncle was up to? If not the murder then the domestic abuse perhaps? Anyway, I did find it interesting that he expressed fear when it came to his own uncle, especially in the light of Jodi’s interview. Regardless of whether or not Steven Avery was guilty of the Halbach crime, he did have a history of dysfunctional behaviour that cannot be entirely dismissed, this of course doesn’t necessarily mean that he is guilty of homicide.Β Information left out of the Documentary.

It is also an interesting thing to note that abuse victims always describe a ” Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde” personality when it comes to their abuser. I have an impression that this is almost a standard when it comes to abusive relationships. Everything looks rosy on the surface, everything appears to be fine, then the victim breaks, and tell it all. Sadly though, due to how perfect everything seemed to be on the surface, the abuse victim finds themselves in a situation where some people won’t believe their claims. I guess this is the tricky nature of such relationships.Β Written by an abused woman

It makes me think of a book I read called “Trafficked” by Sophie Hayes. She was in her early 20s and fell in love with a man from the Balkans who took her to Italy on a holiday. Once she had arrived there from the UK though, her holiday turned into a nightmare when she realised that her dream-guy wouldn’t let her go back home. He literally kept her as a prisoner and forced her into prostitution to pay off his own debt, eventually moving her across the border to France. He had such a mental stronghold on this young woman, that he actually managed to force her into doing something that outrageous, just a normal girl from the UK, from a privileged background too I believe.

The dynamics in abusive relationships are nothing but frightening and apparently tricky to understand or break into. I can’t stop thinking of Ariel Castro and/or Josef Fritzl who both spoke about love. I mean seriously? How deranged can you be? It seems to me that abusers of the worst sort have no idea of the graveness of what they are doing at times. Or maybe they are in denial as they know deep Β down how wrong it is what they are doing. I remember reading somewhere that “self loathing” isn’t uncommon when it comes to serious abusers, as if thought they themselves considers themselves to be victims. Spooky.

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