Illuminati zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Ok…..If you want to see the source of my inspiration regarding this entry you can go here → lol

I remember reading about the MKUltra, years ago. In fact, that whole embarrassing chapter in US history along with other experiments conducted on the mind, became the inspiration for not only my track “Battle For The Mind” but countless other tracks as well.

However, I find all this “Illuminati” conspiracy material online concerning the music industry slightly annoying. Has it ever struck any of these conspiracy theorist that originality is actually quite rare in the music industry and that people have a tendency to just copy-cat what works? And that “numbers”/”how many people who are talking about an artist” is how success is measured by a number-obsessed industry?

I seem to remember that Gaga’s vomit stunt was praised by the industry, as “everyone was talking about it.”

I find it hard to believe that all sorts of pop-artist should be engaged in some sort of “secret-society-cover-up”. Sure Beethoven was actually a member of the actual German Illuminati Society, and I do believe that several respected composers/virtuosos were members of such groups in the past, but there is a big difference between common pop stars and serious composers/virtuoso players.

If this “secret-music-industry-cult” exist it can neither be particularly selective nor exclusive and therefore not particularly interesting to be part of. I find the idea that mainstream pop artist should be subjected to abuse all in the name of creating a “so-called puppet” is absolutely hilarious.

What use would their servitude be really? Am I supposed to be seduced by “Satan” just because I see a triangle in a music video?

If this so-called “illuminati” thing is real, it sounds lame and un-original. And if this so-called “Monarch” deal is supposed to be real it sounds more like some sick sadomasochistic-thing practised by some weird-delusional-power-tripping people who belong behind bars, in an orange outfit.

In fact if you have to “sacrifice” a family member etc, to join this so-called “elitist” cult for people with no apparent special abilities, I wouldn’t expect there to be so many “members”, as the whole mainstream music industry is supposedly engaged in this “Satanic-Activity”. ( ha-ha-ha-ha ).

Honestly. I refuse to believe it. I fail to see the purpose of it. I fail to see the intrigue of it. And I fail to see why such wide-spread symbols would classify as “elitist”. If “elitist” is what it is, then I suggest the symbolism gets a make-over to offer some variety and to confuse the conspiracy theorist who don’t have anything better to do with their free time.

Here is a less mainstream conspiracy, this one concerning Russia’s President Putin: Severe Allegations Concerning Putin

Wanna be famous? Let me show you the path to Satan: Satan’s Ways

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