Serial Killers-They Live To Kill.

While I was packing I came across this book that I bought a long time ago and had already read.

For some reason I decided to read it again.

There isn’t really much to say besides the content being disturbing as this book is a collection of real-life stories of different types of murderers.

What’s truly chilling is how most of the criminals described were hiding a horrible double life until they finally got caught.

What’s interesting is the fact that he writes about old criminal cases as well that you have probably never heard of, also including cases that were never solved.

According to the author of the book, who’s father was a police detective involved in two of the cases in the book, 20% of serial killers get away with their horrid activity.

The book is well written and impossible to put down once you start.

If puzzling and outrageous tales that could only find place in reality fascinates you, you should check it out.

My only negative comment is the presence of typos, especially towards the ending, maybe the editor was tired and overworked.


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