Willing To Win.

I decided to re-read the books that I have regarding performance psychology etc. and the first book I finished up was Willi Railo’s Classic  “Willing To Win”.

By reading my selection of books simultaneously it gave me the opportunity to compare different points of view.

Willi Railo’s classic is tailor made and intended towards athletes, this doesn’t mean that it is unsuitable for musicians, as the mentality or problem of performance anxiety certainly concerns more people than just those involved in sports.

The book is full of helpful tips and great stories from various athletes, so that you can compare and read about how a change in attitude/inner dialogue helped sport’s men and women win.

The book shows you how you can actually fulfill your potential and use your mental resources in the best way.

If you are willing, that is- willing to win 🙂

There are plenty of advice regarding what type of action one should take to eradicate certain issues one might have.

This obviously takes time, as does physical training.

My mother bought this book for me, as she knew of Railo due to his extensive work with Grete Waitz. Railo also helped Manchester United when they had Eriksson as their coach.

It is a book of indispensable value to anyone interested or engaged in any sort of performance.

Why performance psychology isn’t more wide spread in the music industry beats me.

I suspect that it makes for a dull story. Much more profitable with an industry littered with scandals and tragedy.

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