Norwegian Winter.

Holiday…..that’s right. I usually only travel when I’m working so whenever I’m in Norway I end up juggling work and leisure.

I have to admit that I felt a bit empty and weird walking around Heathrow without being on a mission of conquest ๐Ÿ˜›

My flight with BA was smooth, (extra points for having a vegetarian meal option).

I couldn’t help but smile when we landed and I actually saw some snow ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I haven’t seen proper snow in yeeeears!

My travel route was actually quite funny, 2 hours with buss to reach Heathrow buss terminal, then walking forever, taking the shuttle to terminal 5, then flying to Oslo in less time than it took to drive to Heathrow. I arrived late in Norway and took the airport express train to the National Theater, walking from there to a desolate Akerbrygge, Oslo’s port ( I seem to remember that this is the right word). I ended up beign awake all night talking with family friend and my host Kjell. The next morning I hurried out to purchase a couple of buss tickets with #ruter. You cannot buy tickets on the busses/trams/trains in Oslo, you gotta buy them at the kiosk.

A good old friend of mine from high school invited me over for lunch at her apartment, which was very nice indeed, then I had to hurry back to Akerbrygge to pick up my luggage, and jump onboard another local Oslo buss that took me down to Oslo Buss Terminal.

From there started the next part of my journey. 6-7 hours on the “Norway-Buss”, crossing the big mountain and beautiful Norwegian winter landscapes to reach my final destination in Sogn & Fjordane.

My first full day in the Norse mountains I spent with my 85-year old grandfather, who I figured is my number one fan ๐Ÿ˜‰ Check out my travel pics belowย โ†“


Hmm….I found ants in grandpas “saft”… what are they doing over at the nursing home?


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