Bli Best Med Mental Trening by Erik Bertrand Larssen.

Erik Bertrand Larssen is a former member of the Norwegian special forces.

Due to an unfortunate accident, he found himself unable to continue in the military and decided to study economics.

Eventually he became a mental coach and motivational speaker, coaching Norway’s elite athletes, performers and CEO’s.


He places great emphasis on “visualisation” which is exactly what Willi Railo does.

He asks the reader the right questions and he spends a great deal of time talking about values.

If your values crashes with your goals, you have a problem.

He asks the reader to write down their values to see if they add up and match whatever goals the reader might have.

He focuses on clever choices in your everyday life, to change your daily habits so that you will eventually reach your goal.

He puts great emphasis on “perspective thinking”, something that some do automatically, myself included.

Ask yourself what sort of life you want to look back upon when you are older.

It is also interesting that he says that most people forget about their “new years resolutions” relatively quickly. This supports an article I read this morning, where it is said that the majority of people let go of whatever changes they had in mind before January is even over…Cool article

Changing your habits is actually quite hard, at least for most people, but the good news is that if you do something every day for 13 days, it becomes a habit.

Which means that it is relatively easy to actually create new habits.

You just have to put your mind to it and stand by your choice for a couple of weeks.

Just like Railo, Larsen writes about the “inner dialogue”. This is actually crucial, as we all have thoughts swirling around our mind, narrating what we are doing, forming our feelings towards ourselves in various situations.

“Speaking/Thinking” about yourself in a positive way, especially as you train, is extremely important.

I think this book is a great read, full of valuable advice, advice that has worked for other people.

I do advice people to read several books about mental strength and training simultaneously. It is a really good idea, as you can spot the common things that are being mentioned, compare different outlooks and just dive into a plethora of advice.

As with both Willi Railo and Dale Carnegie, Bertrand’s book has to be read with a pencil to outline important sentences and thoughts, so that they will pop out to you when you look thru the book at a later stage.

Use the book to turn your life in the right direction, keep it handy.

All the 3 books I read last month about mental training are books I would highly recommend.

Willi Railo’s book contains actual guides on how to achieve the type of deep meditation that is desirable in order to re-program unpleasant memories, etc.

A good place to start if you want to delve into mental training is a meditation app.

There are plenty available out there, so just do your research and try out different ones to find the one/ones you like the best.

I personally prefer unguided timed meditations, as I reach deep relaxation more efficiently and can create my own scenarios.

Eventually this is what you want to do. Guided meditations are good for beginners and it also gives you something to think about, as the “guides” pick topics that will make you think and certainly learn a new thing or two.

Please acquire all 3 works I mentioned if you are serious about mental training 😉

And remember….you don’t read these books once… have to apply the information to your own life.

Willi Railo – Willing To Win

Dale Carnegie – How To Stop Worrying and Start Living

Boosting Energy.

Good Advice for the New Year, part.1

Good Advice For The New Year


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