How To Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie.

A great book written by Dale Carnegie, this book was given to be by my mother a couple of years ago.

Dale Carnegie was a world-famous writer, lecturer and developer of self-improvement courses.

You can read about him over here: Dale Carnegie Bio

Or sign up for courses over at the: Dale Carnegie Training HQ

Why I only read thru this book once beats me as the advice given is nothing but stellar and they need to be applied.

It even says that this book is more like a “handbook”-something that you should read thru now and then to remember crucial advice given. If you want to change certain things about yourself you should certainly let the tips sink in.

It is a must have for anyone who automatically worries about anything and everything.

This book is a guide.

A “how to” on how to defeat your “worrying”.

You should read it with a pencil handy, to outline any advice that you can use for your own benefit.

This book is useful, in fact very useful for anyone who wants to change certain negative attitudes or bad habits that they might have.

I would recommend this book to anyone, especially those who nurture their worries.

It is an unhealthy habit, that will eventually make you physically ill.

There are many ailments that are caused by worrying and/or “thinking wrong”.

You need to be solution oriented, look at facts, come to a conclusion and make a decision.

Read Dale Carnegie’s book for tons of valuable advice and remember to treat it like a handbook.




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