So I thought to myself that I would try to express my feelings towards my cold in a poetic and dramatic way….considering the amount of bizarre “poetry” plastered on public transportation etc…. I mean why not…now this might seem a little over-dramatic, but hey that’s what being “poetic” means doesn’t it? 😛


Weak & Withered – entrenched in Pain – I Lay Splintered

Inflamed in Coldness – Pharynx Thorned – With Impudent Boldness

Needles permeate – From Feeble Skin – To Wasted Membranes

And Optic Thumping – Keeps Me Awakened – Focus Slumping

Waterfalls From My Nares Gush – So in Tissues I myself Bury

While apathy Invades – I stare Blankly – Into the Quarry

Of my own despair – I lay here thinking – Writing My Predictable Story

And Sandpaper is All – As my Voice fades – I Swallow

Wasting My Days – In Boredom I Wallow 😛

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