Goodbye March, Hello April :)


Another month of the year was over not too long ago, and what a great month that was 🙂

I had a great Easter celebration and a great St. Patrick as well!  Music wise the classical album kept on selling and we launched a promo vid for my upcoming release, which is now available for pre-order 😉 Not long now till I have the actual physical CDs in my hand and not that long till I’ll be playing the classical music live either 😀 Wo-ho!


I had way too much fun doing this ↓


Can you spot my egg? 😛


In Norway we read/watch crime for Easter 😛 Check my review here: My Easter Read



Seriously, Carluccio’s cupcakes are nothing but divine 😮 😮 #BestThingEver #LikeEver




A book is not good unless you have to read it with a dictionary 😀 ha-ha

Still working on this one ↓



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