How To Fix Your Apple Wireless Keyboard!

So stoked right now as I got my wireless apple keyboard to work again 🙂

My A1314 was suffering from severe battery corrosion, but it is possible to fix your apple keyboard regardless of what other’s might say.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I found a tutorial/how to on YouTube showing you how you can restore your keyboard to its former glory, by removing the hard plastic in the back and literally taking the whole thing apart. I was hoping that I could just push the batteries out from the “back-end” but I had no luck.

Determined to get my A1314 to work TODAY I ventured down to my neighbour to see if he could lend me a screwdriver tiny enough to dismantle my keyboard, but lo-and-behold he managed to actually get them out, doing Gods know what. Anyway, the batteries were removed and what remained was the quest of cleaning out the battery corrosion.

No easy task I’ll admit, but I used an old toothbrush and even thought I wasn’t able to remove everything, I was able to clean it out enough.

When I was done scraping with a sharp object and cleaning with the tooth-brush I used a hairdryer to dry my wireless and voila – here I am writing this on my beloved Mac instead of having to do everything on my phone 🙂

My neighbour literally saved me 80£. There will probably be other people who face something similar at one point or the other, an apple store will just tell you to buy a new one, other’s will tell you to replace it as it costs the same to pay a professional to fix it as it costs to replace it with a brand new one from apple.

A little research on YouTube though and some helpful neighbours or friends and ta-ta you get your keyboard back again, free of charge 🙂

What you need:

  • sharp object to open up the back of your wireless
  • someone to push out the batteries
  • a sharp object to scrape the corrosion
  • an old toothbrush to clean out the corrosion
  • a hair dryer


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