Yes, nothing is more perilous than the British country side. If you doubt that to be the case, I have evidence below ↓



There is danger and death in plenty, with people mounting the evidence of their heinous crimes, in plain sight, preferably in their living rooms…




No wonder then that the choice of entertainment is what it is, you gotta get them while they are young ↓


Behold, a collection of country side pictures, watch at your own risk….

Welcome to The Daily Walk!!!!!!!



Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream…↑

…and here is a visual contribution by one of our neighbours….↓


My Dragon ventured outside into the wilderness, for his first outside adventure this year ↓


Re-decoration of Dragon territory ↓

What you do at the local pub….one would think that the UK is in serious decline financially, judging by these headlines ↓

Stay tuned for more soul gripping updates from the British Countryside….

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