Stop The Apocalypse.


Jesus, where do I start with today’s entry?

So much has been going on in the news lately, it’s almost surreal.

It’s almost surreal because it seems that the mainstream media are waking up to issues that Average Joe has been aware of for years, but that the political elite and the media has been actively trying to cover up, ridicule or deny.

There is also the issue of whether or not Britain wants to regain its Sovereignty, instead of being a province of the “EU Empire”. The latest news regarding the EU is that they have started to implement their vision of creating the EU army. Which means that if the UK continues to be part of the EU, the British Military will eventually fall under Franco-German command and pledge their allegiance to Brussels instead of The Crown..

Another important matter that everyone needs to be aware of, is the TTPI trade agreement that is being negotiated between the EU and the US.

The US basically wants to let American corporations plunder Europe. American corporations are to be given the power to sue any nation that passes regulations that goes against what the corporation is trying to do.  American corporations should be given free rein in Europe and that is not all….

The Americans would like to privatize the NHS, as they don’t seem to agree with European Nations that health care is a universal right, regardless of your income level, and the Americans would also like to lower the wages of European workers.

This basically means that they want to throw out of the window whatever rights labour unions have been fighting for.

The working class needs to be able to compete with the rest of the world, so health, safety and just payment – out you go.

Considering the rampant “anti-austerity” protests that have taken place in Europe, I’m sure that trade agreements such as these will go down well with the European nations.

On another note, Americans would like us to eat what they refer to as “food”. As it is commonly known, they are lax when it comes to food and drug regulations, allowing the use of pesticides which are outlawed in Europe. They fill their food with chemicals and try to genetically manipulate their food as much a possible, all in the name of profit.

Russia’s President Putin has spoken out against genetic manipulation of food and insists that Russian’s should not get food that will “degenerate” their DNA and ruin the health of their nation.

Britain will have very little power to withstand this trade agreement if the UK keeps on being in the EU. As a matter of fact, the laws of the EU can actually over rule British law.

It doesn’t really matter what your political leanings are. The EU is becoming increasingly dangerous to be a member of and as more and more nations are starting to question whether they should continue their membership or not, Brussels decide to start building their army. Interesting timing. Maybe they’ve realised that only brutal force will be able to keep the union together.

Just take a look at Turkey’s delirious leader Erdogan. Cameron is for some insane reason pushing for Turkey to become an EU nation, why on Earth he would lobby for something like that beats me, but that’s what he is doing and what he has been doing for years.

The latest news or rumours that I heard regarding said Erdogan is that he wants to or is going to sue a German comedian for calling him out for being exactly what he is + making some fun of him. What is Germany doing? Nothing, because they don’t want to piss off this mad-man, who shoots down Russian fighter jets, jeopardising the safety of all other NATO countries, and claims that a muslim cannot commit genocide* cough, cough* Armenia anyone?

Army generals are now telling people to brace themselves for a civil war on the European continent.

It seems that the pressure cooker that is the modern liberal Europe is getting closer everyday to implode.

I do not know if instability has been the plan of our political leaders all along, or if they are some of the least competent leaders of all time. Whether it is stupidity, ignorance or evilness, the result can no longer be disputed.

White people, especially women and children are being singled out, attacked and raped by arabic men, to such an extent, that the liberal media can no longer deny it. Read here

They’ve tried their best and politicians are still desperately trying to deny reality or create further tension by trying to criminalize people who are not supportive of muslim immigrants. Simply being critical towards islamic expansion into Europe, can now land you in trouble with the authorities, maybe even prison.

The facts though kill whatever argument the “political elite” might have, because guess what?

Open minded, freedom loving, western friendly Muslims also get attacked even killed by the more conservative branch of muslims in Europe. Yes that’s right.

An Ahmadiyya Muslim man in Scotland wished his Christian neighbours and customers a Happy Easter on FB and got killed by a fellow muslim for doing so.

Moderate, liberal and/or secular muslims are the ones that should be welcomed into our societies, especially because their liberalism puts them in great danger. There are many different races and religions within the nations of Europe but there is only one group of people who you hear about constantly: The conservative and militant branch of Islam. They holds us all in contempt and are a danger also to their fellow muslims.

All hate and anger should be directed towards the real problem here, our leaders. They are the ones who have allowed this situation and this mess. They are the ones who have sacrificed the safety of us all on the altar of their political vision. They are the ones who have tried their best to cover up the culture clash and they should have know better.

It is perfectly fine for someone to lobby, campaign and shout on the streets in the UK that England should be reduced to a caliphate, it is perfectly fine for an Imam to campaign for ISIS on UK soil as well. But if you are critical of Islam, oh-oh, don’t you go there.

Selective freedom of speech and political preference towards the conservative branch of Islam  by our politicians and the liberal media, has turned Europe into a pressure cooker once again.

My theory is that they must believe that the idea of ISIS taking over Europe and/or England becoming a caliphate is so ridiculous that no one would support it, but that criticism towards Islam could add fuel to the fire when it comes to right-wing racism.

But what about racism towards white people?

When you are the political leader of a nation, your duty and loyalty should be clear. You are loyal to your country’s constitution and should uphold its laws. You have to first and foremost protect your own people, not throw out old citizens from nursing homes to give space to arabic immigrants, you have to protect your own borders, protect the interest of your nation and most important of all, protect the future of the nation.

It is also your duty to ensure that the culture of your people is protected. When was it ever alright to commit cultural suicide? Do you have to destroy your own heritage and culture in order to be a true liberal?

It should become increasingly clear to people that several of Europe’s leaders are guilty of treason and that the people of the press, who have deliberately withheld and distorted news from the population are equally guilty.

This time there are no gates of Vienna, the enemy is already here, and the enemy has been aided and enabled by the upper echelons of society.

The worst part when it comes to the future of Europe is, that it is impossible to distinguish our foes from our allies, unless the muslims of Europe inform about and out any extremist and/or supporters of extremism so that our politicians can deport these people.

Unless the Islamic territories within Europe are broken up by the government, the people within forced to integrate and supporters of violence and terrorism deported out of Europe, there is no way to stop where Europe is heading.

The European Union has to be destroyed if there is to be any future for the nations of Europe. We cannot let American corporations destroy us, we cannot let Erdogan throw us into conflicts with the Russians, we cannot let Islamist theocrats destroy our values and we cannot let Brussels undermine our Sovereignty.

We cannot let our leaders destroy what they’ve been elected to uphold.

4 thoughts on “Stop The Apocalypse.

  1. Michael Kowalik

    This is as well thought out argument for UK to Leave EU as soon as possible. Unfortunately the result will be manipulated to show most people will want to stay! LEAVE NOW! Obama’s words have no meaning or threat! US don’t want UK then Eff off with Starbucks Walmart Walgreens MacDonalds Burger King Wimpy Amazon etc ll eff off!


  2. Cássio Alexsander

    Very good text! You pinpointed very well the cause of all that mess in which Europe is: political centralization. It seems that a lot of politicians don’t understand why the European countries became so civilized and achieved such a high standard of living, which was the large number of autonomous and competing small political entities, that right now are being completely destroyed by the EU and its increasing power. The same thing happened in the US because of the federal government and now the states can’t even leave this messy Union. Although I disagree with you on topics such as socialized healthcare and labor unions (I really hate those things), the end of the EU would be amazing for you and other European citizens to reclaim your freedom in some extent and decide about issues like immigration, trade (which I think should be completely free), etc. Have you ever read the book “The European Miracle” by Eric Jones? Awesome book on this topic.


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