The Complexity Of Citizenship & Governance.


I’ve come to the conclusion that if I was to post a blog entry and say something every time I read something that upsets me, I would be fully occupied and wouldn’t have time for anything else.

It is obvious that civil liberties have to be fought for and protected at all times as there will always be an excuse by governments and/or corporations to take them away. It might happen gradually as it is in western countries or it might happen abruptly as it does other places, if you scare the population enough they might even give up their liberties voluntary without ever wondering if they’ll get them back.

The worst though, is the feeling that someone else is making decisions that could affect you negatively without consulting with you first. This is something that happens quite regularly as elected government officials obviously don’t hold a referendum each time a decision has to be made, but then again we trust that they will make decisions that are good for the country and it’s people, or good in the eyes of those 51% who voted for the winning candidate.

Previously I’ve defended the NHS here on my blog as I feel that healthcare for all is a must in any society, after all you’ll always have the choice to go to a private clinic if you have the funds. Life is equally impressive as it is fragile, so to assume that you will keep your privileges or your health for ever is nothing but naive. Having the opportunity for help if worse comes to worse is an important role of the government and/or charitable societies unless we are to have a reality where you’ll be thrown into the gutter the second the winds of life stop blowing in your favour. There are people out there who literally cannot function within “the system”, should they be left to die like other animals would in nature or is it our duty to look after the weaker links of society? Some may argue that the responsibility falls on the family of those who fall behind, but is that a valid argument in a society  where the importance of the family unit has been deliberately (or not) deconstructed?  There will be people who would question how the welfare state would eventually be paid for and that is a tricky one to answer as corporations and the rich usually run away if taxes are set too high.

But then, is it really the duty of the wealthy to pay for everyone else?

Does high taxes on the rich and a welfare state stifle initiative as critics would suggest?

Or are people more likely to shun contributing if taxes aren’t enforced, making the welfare state necessary?

How to finance the welfare system, with an “aging population” remains a hot topic.

The idea of taking in the whole arabic world to get new taxpayers in, don’t really work either as not all of them would be fit to work and contribute. You’ll also see the culture of your country slowly change due to higher birthrates among immigrants. It is not racist to point this out, in fact it would be racist not to point it out as England for example isn’t Morocco last time I checked… Eventually Europeans will become a minority within their own countries, if our birthrates keep on being low. This will obviously be mirrored in how people will vote and what sort of ideas that will be promoted and supported. Take London for example that just elected its first muslim mayor, a man who has been supportive of terrorism before, blaming terror on the west, as terrorism of course has to be the result of horrid western foreign politics. The idea that hate could be generated without nothing but a “divine cause” seem to fall on deaf ears.

There doesn’t have to be a logical reason for hate. In fact it could be debated whether there ever is a reasonable or logical reason for such things in the eyes of the sane. Then again it could also be debated what sanity actually is, if we were to stretch it further.  Would you beat someone to death just because they crossed your way and you felt very angry on that particular evening? No I thought not ( or I hope not) yet that happened and here is one such story: Read Here.

Random violence is hardly anything new. There doesn’t have to be an understandable reason for it. Was there ever a good reason for religious violence for example? No. Only in the eyes of true believers, who fundamentally believe that the world would be a better place if everyone were forced to abide by a “holy book” written or dictated by an invisible, divine, entity.

This just made me think of the worrying character that is Ted Cruz, oh sorry, I mean “The Anointed One”, whose wife apparently had a revelation by God himself that Ted Cruz was God’s man on earth. If the church was ever to point their finger at someone and scream blasphemy I’m amazed that they didn’t do so with Cruz. To suggest that a mighty force capable of creating not only us, but the earth and the whole universe, would anoint Ted Cruz as his man, is an insult so grand you just have to laugh. Thank God he finally called it a day, but then again, I guess this religious lunatic will still be politically active, taking care of important Godly business such as banning sex-toys. Yes you read that right.

Back to the NHS, which isn’t by all means perfect. They’ve handed over a million patient files over to Google (Read Here). This is something that worries me deeply as all information shared with your doctor is supposed to be confidential. The official excuse is that the NHS can hand over your medical history if it is in the name of research and if it will be used to improve their service, BUT how can they trust that Google only engage in ethical practises?

By handing over all these confidential medical files, they show how a trip to the doctor  isn’t confidential anymore and we should worry that a company that believes in “singularity” should get access to such sensitive information.

Google does not believe in individuality, in fact, their futuristic vision according to what I’ve heard is a world where man merge with machine and we all become one, which means imprisoned, within technology. Their technology obviously. Considering how much data Google must have access to, just by knowing your search results and what resides in your browser. I wouldn’t trust them with giving them my medical records as well. I mean what are they REALLY going to do with all that information?

The worst thing is that if you address issues like these, your critics will start talking about “getting their tin foil hat out” which is ridiculous. There is no conspiracy lurking anywhere, in fact there wouldn’t be any need for “conspiracy theories” as everything is out in the open. TTIP for example is something you can inform yourself about, and if you were to do that you would understand why I dedicated a whole blog entry tearing it apart and condemning it along with the EU. The problem though is that people who fail to see the possible negative consequences of a big brother government or cynical businesses, usually fail to gather any critical information about the topic.

They just assume that any big decision made by the governing elite is for the best and that anyone who criticise is paranoid. They blindly believe and are impossible to argue with, just like deeply religious people. Is the same mentality. People with a political affiliation, will surprisingly often believe that those who disagree with them are “low information voters” and that their own specific political conviction is superior. (This is something else I wanted to dedicate a whole entry to, but hey I’m not a professional political/social commentator and as I said in my introduction above, writing entries like this will take up your whole day and life if you are to be a 100%).

I know for example that EU officials officially say that there is nothing to worry about when it comes to the TTIP agreement, but I also know that corporations have sued nations for getting in their way before and if something like that wouldn’t be used, then why allow it into the TTIP agreement in the first place? If you are not going to use it, then why add it?

The criticism addressed towards the TTIP agreement is obviously based on what’s within the TTIP agreement.

So I’ve done what I can do as a law-abiding citizen, I’ve written about it and shared it with my followers. To my surprise it became my most read blog entry so far this year, which I find very encouraging and then I signed a petition, joining over 3 million other people in doing so. If I was to take it further I could see if there are any anti-TTIP demonstrations, but then that would be where my involvement would stop, as a law-abiding citizen under the current governing forces.

The fact that government regulations have to be put into place to ensure that mega businesses don’t abuse their workers, poison their consumers and destroy the planet completely, makes me question what their deal is. Are big businesses inherently evil creations since they only chase profit no matter what the outcome is? And is that really the only mentality of a mega business? Can’t you have a corporation that isn’t cynical and potentially abusive? And at the end of the day, what ensures that a government is truly kept in check? Big governments = Big business. A fact that liberal people have a tendency of forgetting…

I’ve read about the Bolivian Water War (Read Here) where they wanted to charge people for using rainwater or water collected from their own private wells. So what is the end game really? To charge people for breathing? To charge people if a rain cloud is situated in someones airspace and it starts raining on someones field?

I remember seeing an interview with the CEO of Nestle, where he stated that anyone who believed in free water, was an extremist.

Ultimately I don’t think that human beings are capable of ever constructing a perfect system of governance. Half the population will always complain and be unhappy. It seems that because we are so fundamentally flawed, we can only create dysfunctional systems, where there will be abuse of power and inequality in one way or the other. You’ll have the dictatorship of the mob or the dictatorship of the few, which isn’t an exact statement either as it could be debated. Communist countries (where the mob should rule, technically) always have a ruling elite that keeps all privileges for themselves, in a “democratic” society a politician could become a flip flopper according to public sentiment, a good example is the roller coaster of foreign politics from the USA, that mirrors the back and forth politics created by their two dominant parties. One president and one administration might have one specific vision, then comes the new president with a new administration who actively tries to build down what the previous administration was working on. The public can also let their emotions get the best of them….cynics know that, which can make the masses easy to manipulate. Something that looks good today, might look disastrous 10 years from now. There have been instances for example where large sums of money have been collected by an emotional population, meant to help a country in need, only for abusers to put this money into their own pockets. Western generosity can potentially enable genocidal activity when funds fall into the wrong hands.

Ultimately it can be debated whether the rule of the few always is the case, unless “rule of the mob” is politically convenient/beneficial at the right moment. Certain EU countries that have voted to leave the EU during their referendums have simply been ignored. They did not vote “right” so their votes didn’t count.

Then again, what is the point of letting people know that their democracy isn’t working? Is it a deliberate attempt to create instability?

Anyway…. my point is: don’t trust anyone and read information from different sources, don’t let your only source of information be liberal media or conservative media or Alex Jones , your view-point will be moulded like that of a religious fanatic, you’ll ultimately be impossible to debate with.

There is good and bad hiding in every camp, evil though is something that we should all unite against….or?

Cannot evil also be subjective? Yes it can. I would classify ISIS as a great evil, but the Islamists of ISIS would look at themselves and see only righteousness in the eyes of God.

And that is something to be worried about and bear in mind….

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