How To Fix Your Dyson.

Yes you read that right. They are expensive, apparently brilliant, but only if they work and this specific type of Dyson has a tendency of being, what shall I say… temperamental.

If you actually think that your Hoover is broken, the probable reason as to why there is no suction is that there is a blockage somewhere. A quick google and it yielded no surprising results at first, besides the fact that there was a filter that has to be cleaned that I didn’t know about. I also made a discovery for myself that there is a section where dust/rubbish can get stuck in the Dyson that is not included in the manual you find online or on youtube vids.

It is possible to get your Dyson to work as new, you just have to look for blockages everywhere, and then I mean absolutely everywhere, put the filter into the washing machine and clean the whole freakin’ Hoover. You also have to bear in mind that there is a sign on the Dyson itself, telling you how full it should be before you empty it. It actually has to emptied quite often, after only a couple of hooverings.

If the “wheel” at the bottom stops spinning apparently you only have to re-set it, by pushing the button next to the power switch. So far that has worked for me, up until yesterday, so I’m starting to wonder if the Dyson is approaching retirement. If you need to clean it though and get the suction to work, here are some pics to help you sort that out ↓

You literally have to dismantle the whole thing. There is no way around it. If you find the idea of doing this regularly un-appealing, get another Hoover.

Below you see the section of the Dyson I was talking about, you literally have to flick the tube with your finger and pull the dust out. This is the section that snaps when you change your Dyson from an upright position to the more flexible position. This is where the problem was, all of that dust was stuck in that tiny little spot.


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