Why the elitists are losing.

Today I’m sharing a very well written article about the EU referendum in Britain. I know from experience that people who disagree with certain political views will refrain from reading any news stories or editorials from newspapers or websites that promotes what they disagree with. I find this very narrow-minded and one-sided. I read editorials and opinions from a wide range of sources and would encourage people to be open-minded, critical thinkers. Here is the article: Why Brexit Won.

I myself posted a blog entry a while back that was critical of the EU, because I don’t feel that the elite of Brussels respect democracy and I don’t like their future vision of Europe. My impression is that they are condescending, arrogant and destructive for the great nations that make up our continent. I listed my reasons for why I had reached such a conclusion and was surprised to see how popular the entry was and how many people  out there who agreed with me. I was convinced I would be in the receiving end of a shit storm, just like I was convinced that the fear mongering of the remain campaign in combination with their expensive PR campaign, would ensure them their victory. Yesterday I was in shock when Brexit won.

The article I posted above is spot on. The power elite are tremendously detached from common people, this obviously has repercussions as we saw yesterday. Identity for example is important, attending high school in the States taught me that. I heard how the majority of my fellow students would proudly talk about where they really came from. Americans tendency to speak of themselves as Italian, Polish, Swedish, Indian;etc, when they don’t speak the language, have never been in the country, etc, taught me the enormous importance of belonging in terms of roots, this in combination with voluntary “segregation”, (when  people from one specific ethnic group choose to live in neighbourhoods together with people from the same origin), combined again with “Peruvians don’t like Colombians, who don’t like Mexicans, who don’t like Puerto Ricans” shows that the government’s approach of putting all Caucasians in the same box, all Hispanics in the same box and all Asians, Arabs or Africans in separate boxes in terms of classification, is offensive for sure, ignorant at best, insanity at worst.

Forced unity in Europe, especially if this means sacrificing your own culture will never work in the long run, at best it will create a divided nation under the surface, at worst violent conflict. Shared values and a love for your country of residency is the only glue that can hold our modern societies together unless it is to be destroyed from within.


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