Clinton Cash.

So yesterday I watched the documentary “Clinton Cash”. My instant reaction was that “this is exactly what the Bush administration was being criticised for”. Strange to see the poster-couple of the American Democratic Party, behave in such a way. I guess that the only thing that can be said is that evil exists and that Satan’s foot soldiers are in full swing regardless of political party. I’m amazed that they even bother to have elections when corruption is so rife and the same people always benefit. What’s the difference exactly?

I’m also amazed at the level of bullshit. How the hell do these people sleep at night? And how do they manage to say so much bull with a straight face? It’s obvious that what is being said and what happens officially in politics is nothing but posing in comparison to what really goes on behind closed doors.

I cannot believe that this woman is actually running for office. The investigation against her in regards to her emails can only be described as a kangaroo court. How is it going to work out if Americans elect a president without security clearance? Incredible. All I have to say is what a charade and what a circus. Hilary Clinton I’m embarrassed to say that I supported you once. Never again will I volunteer for the vilest of species – namely career politicians.

Liberal media claims that the accusations against Clinton are accurate, however there is a website whose aim is to debunk anything negative about Clinton and they posted this if you care to read it: A website trying to save Clinton’s rep.

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