Influencer vs. Artist

I just read a very interesting article in Cosmopolitan, which dealt with the coolest job a person can have in this day and age which is being an “influencer”.

An influencer is a person that pretty much has an online impact due to the amount of response they get from their followers.

In order to become an influencer you are recommended to have a conversation with social media users as this engages people and get your posts and name out there to the world.

This made me think of the “conflict” of art vs. fame.

When I stayed in L.A. for a year to work on artists development, my guitar mentor complimented me on having the right focus. His other students spent more time on social media than practising their guitars and another female student only thought about how to promote her self online, rather than improving her guitar skills.

Learning how to perfect an instrument, takes time. Lots of time and lots of focus. You don’t have to be a great musician to make a great album in this day and age, but you will become a good musician overall if you put in all the hours and the focus needed.

Needless to say, my focus has always been on getting Β all the practise necessary and spending an awful lot of time engaging with people online, has never been a major personal priority.

It was my mother that insisted that I had to get myself a myspace profile, back in ancient times, when that was popular. I didn’t see the point, but she thankfully did.

I think quite honestly, that your main aspiration in life will have to be fame, if you are to master social media a 100% and become a total online “influencer”, I’m an influencer too, but not on the scale of the biggest youtubers and bloggers. I’ve spent more time practising and perfecting my craft than plotting my next online move and I’ve been too focused on “doing my thing” rather than cynically posting material that could be seen as “search friendly”.

You need promo just as much as you need to practise when you are a musician, so I’m thankful that I’ve had a manager promoting me and my music.

Being an online influencer might seem cool, but if you are an artist you seriously need to put that phone down and get some hours in, both with creative material and with technical practising, right?

Is it cool to be an “influencer” if you aren’t really bringing anything creative/interesting to the table? And how long will that influence last, if you really…ehm..know nothing…besides…just being you? I think that’s an odd modern phenomena , that you can become a role-model and have your own brand for no other reason than…. ehm…just being you.

There has probably never been a greater divide between those who are proper artists and those who aren’t. Only a fool would spend any time on practising an instrument in this day and age, if all they want is the fame.

People need to know about your latest release in order for you to make any money from it, but shouldn’t it be a priority to first spend your time making sure that what you put out there in the world is as good as it can possibly be?

I think the whole idea that the artists of today should handle everything themselves is crazy. If you are to develop your potential and become as good as you can possibly become, you will need either a partner in crime or preferably a team. That is if you are a creative artist though, if all you want to be is an influencer and have the online fame that comes with it, your qualifications can actually be zero, you just have to be entertaining in one way or the other and constantly engage with the social media world, building a brand based on…..what exactly?



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