The Potential Tyranny/Vulnerability Of Facebook.

This was an entry that I wrote right after the “FB Trending Scandal”.

Last year I started this blog after people had been suggesting for years that I should keep one. I had no idea what to expect number wise or view wise and couldn’t believe it when I shared one of my first entries on my professional Facebook page and got lots of shares and comments on my entry.

Fats forward a bit and the time had come for my birthday and instead of posting something flattering, I decided to have some fun and posted a post titled ” 21 Reasons I suck!” a pretty innocent entry where I described my mistakes and things I could work on to improve myself. To my big surprise it became my most shared entry at the time, getting close to a 1000 shares on FB. I thought to myself, “wow, I can be my own “broadcaster”, these posts have more reach and shares than most professional music industry sites ” and that made me quite happy and proud.

I thought to myself ” if things keeps on increasing like this…”. Some days later though, my love for the power of social media died a bit. I was truly hurt when I logged into my WordPress and saw that ALL my shares on every single post had been reduced. Posts that had 500 shares on FB now had under a 100, posts close to a 1000 shares now had maybe 100 or 200, I think my most shared entry had been reduced to 400 or 500 shares. I looked at it incredulous and refreshed my tab over and over again.

But no, there was nothing I could do, all my FB shares had been reduced.

I was extremely sad and disappointed, I felt wronged and I felt “screwed over” my blog was getting increasingly popular on social media, why would I get a setback in shares and visibility?

I was wondering “is this FB or is this some tech savvy psychopathic hater?” why would someone reduce my visibility and try to reduce my popularity?

I had experienced something remotely similar in 2013 when I released a music video that I thought was hilarious. It was a video to my song “I Am The Commander In Chief” a song written from the perspective of a dictator, meant as satire I guess you could say. The video was exaggerated and funny and had a great amount of reach the first time I posted a post on FB. But after the popularity of that post something happened, and whenever I tried to promote the video on FB, my reach was literally 0, something I had never seen before. When I spoke about how I thought that I was being censored by FB, people just came with the explanation that NO, FB wants people to pay for ads etc, etc, but here’s the problem though….no other posts were suffering the same fate and how would you explain my experience some years later, with my shares actually being reduced on all articles on my blog over night?

Who truly runs social media is a tricky question, you don’t know if it’s a machine or a person running things, you don’t know if FB is working against you (which they’ve been accused of for years btw ) or if it’s a person with no connection to the social media platform who is trolling you.

They have the power to delete posts, suspend accounts and shut down sites if they find content that they want to hush down. This is something that they’ve done as FB obviously don’t respect freedom of speech if it is against their political agenda.

I’m glad that the cat is out of the bag when it comes to FB’s trending section. I have to admit that it is not surprising, but before you always had people defending FB screaming for evidence whenever anyone accused FB of censorship. :/ :0





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