Priest Killed In The Name Of Allah.

A muslim in France slits the throat of a French priest.

Hopefully politicians will soon be willing to admit that the threat is not external, the enemy is already here, thanks to….our amazing politicians, who have just let people in without vetting them. Me being critical towards Militant Islamists on my blog, does not mean of course that I’m against all muslims, as many of these  people integrate well. I suppose that modern European societies can pretty much be described as colour blind.  But, there is a problem brewing when “new” citizens wants to change the country that they are lucky to be invited into and/or hate their new country of residency. I didn’t read the article, but there was one recently where Muslims pretty much said that ” If you don’t like it here, leave” and yes, I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been an immigrant for the majority of my life and I’ve always been respectful wherever I’ve gone. Funny enough I’ve felt how weird the culture clash can be between the North and the South of Europe, what it is like when you are raised in a culture that is very different from your country of origin. Why politicians try to pretend that culture clashes don’t exist baffles me really. Will the political elite be willing to admit that they have failed and that we are officially at war with “the holy warriors”? And that they have imported this problem, blind to potential future cultural conflicts? Hmm…news of the murdered priest are coming in as Norway launches the “Burkini” – a Burka bikini…. There is a gradual cultural revolution going on in Scandinavia and it’s not for the better. And it is not for the better, because guess what? We are not the middle east. So it would be against our traditions and our culture to move in the direction that we are currently moving in. I find it sad to see Norwegian churches turned into Mosques, for example, as these are our buildings and part of our heritage.  We have become a very socially liberal, very egalitarian, uber modern society. So when Norway is implementing gender segregation and throwing old Norwegians out of their nursing homes to give space to Muslim immigrants, it should worry us all. Again, don’t get me wrong, people are people but you have to respect your country of residency and adjust. And politicans who are elected to protect and promote the future of their nation, have to do their job right. If you don’t like the culture clash, you move and find a place where you feel more at home. Going into a foreign territory, trying to fundamentally change it, can only be described as a conquest or invasion. What worries me more deeply though, are the government officials who aid this, they are the ones who are enabling current and future conflicts. And it is sad and troubling to say the least. #UnityIsKing


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