The New STASI app, sorry FB.

So as I’m laying here preparing to fall asleep, something that I’m miserably failing at, I just realised something. Merkel got it all wrong when she asked FB for help in sniffing out dissenters. What she needs is a brand new app, in fact my newly thought out app, my #MakeStasiGreatAgain app. Yes. Imagine how great if you could just hit the app, direct your camera towards the face of a person who “thinks wrong”, only for the app to use facial recognition to store the face of the offender, so that the person in question can instantly be detained by the authorities. It would be the ultimate snitch app, perfectly designed for people who just can’t handle those who disagree with them. It would be an instant hit worldwide, especially with social justice warriors. It would be like Pokemon go, #CatchAllDissenters #CatchThemAll maybe it could get synced up to a fancy drone or something, so that the think-criminals could instantly be neutralised. I think that this is the best idea I’ve ever had. This idea came to me btw, after listening to my brother sharing his political views. I realised that he would be the first victim of such an app, and then I guess I would be next. Whenever this app gets launched by anyone, remember to give me credit. #IThoughtItFirst #MyIdeaFirst #MakeStasiGreatAgainApp

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