The Pressure Of Beauty.

Here is a blog in Norwegian about the beauty industry. I see her point and applaud her honesty, but an important point she missed out on is that for some, their appearance is their most valuable asset. Staying attractive to the opposite sex is probably the number one reason as to why women young and old put themselves under the knife in the first place. Of course many feminist would be enraged by me saying so, as they would probably assume that what I’m saying is that a woman needs a man for financial security. In our part of the world this isn’t really the case, even though some women would probably prefer to actually stay at home with their own kids, instead of leaving their kids to be raised by others. But the majority of women in the oh-so-advanced part of the world we live in have to do so as they have to work. An interesting thing to note is that those who don’t, are looked down upon in society as they are perceived as “not really doing anything”- just living off someone else. A woman who has the opportunity to be a home maker, will be considered no-good, as she isn’t bringing in any revenue. Funny enough, there can be little debate concerning whether or not it takes up a lot of time to manage kids and/or a household, when these chores have to be outsourced, to people who get paid to handle such things, if you cannot do it yourself.

Anyway, back to this blog I’m referring to. No matter how trendy it is to hate men and hail that women should be independent, men are still needed to form a family and as much as feminist might hate it, they are kinda stronger…. Last time I checked, nobody really wants to end up old and alone, so you have that issue as well. Even though it is probably controversial to say it out loud, since it might undermine the important issue of absolute independence when you are a modern woman. Maybe it is not that strange that women do what they can to be attractive and stay attractive…and that women have always done so. Also, if you are a skilled actress and you all of a sudden run out of work due to age, it would only be natural that the woman would consider to do some Botox and/or surgery to stay “en vogue”. If her income depends entirely on her looks, even more so. Aren’t men also going to extremes in the entertainment industry, to boost their income and to have a credible physique for certain movie roles etc;? This is not exclusively a female issue. Even though it gets portrayed as such. Men try to boost their strength through steroids, etc; women try to boost their beauty. Besides, the Norwegian blogger completely forgets to point out that there has always been a beauty industry and that people have been hunting for “the elixir of life” since Gods knows when. Of course this doesn’t mean that the explosion of Botox in Norway is healthy in the long run, yet how many unhealthy trends have women endured throughout history, in the pursuit of a perfect figure and beauty? In the blog she also criticise Norwegian female bloggers, who normalise and help market Botox to the masses. Yes, of course it’s disturbing that it should become normalised in such a way, BUT again, she fails to address that a lot of the Norwegian chick-bloggers are hot and end up fronting advertising campaigns due to their looks. One can only draw the conclusion that this gives the bloggers a substantial boost in terms of finances and/or discounted services if they promote certain beauty procedures/products. If you then take into consideration that the majority of these chicks have no other qualifications besides being themselves on social media, it should become clear that these are not particularly sustainable careers in the long run, and that their best bet must be to get cast and/or head hunted into the establishment and/or marry well.

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