Japanese & Germans Going Extinct…..eventually.

I’m totally amazed that this news article actually was on the front page of Yahoo. Our political leaders seem to only voice concerns for *so-called minorities*, even celebrating the prospects of Ethnic Swedes heading for an eventual minority status within their own country. Even German politicians are celebrating this as a great thing within their own nation. While no one considered sane can express concern for an ageing population and low birth rates on the European continent, the same issue over in Japan is receiving publicity. Which is good. Hopefully this will open up a broader discussion regarding self-destruction and how important it is to preserve various ethnic groups. It will forever baffle me how those who preach about diversity, do everything to destroy it. Fingers crossed that Japan can get back on track. It should never be a goal, to replace ones people. How politicians can get away with both selling out their country to globalists and catapult their own into a slow, gradual, genocide amazes me.

*I refer to minorities as “so-called minorities” due to their non-minority status globally speaking. I also say it, as we are heading towards a future where we become the minority within our own countries, in some neighbourhoods/cities in Europe this is already the case.* 

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