We Are Free To Be Guinea Pigs.

If you’ve kept an eye on my blog,then maybe you have seen my previous entries about FB. As I said before I’ve had some odd experiences on Social Media, especially last year. Still I have to admit that I was quite surprised when the “scandal” of FB experimenting on their users reached me. The idea of FB deliberately trolling their users is an idea that probably would have had you declared “paranoid” in the past. Which means that if you were one of the users that were targeted in this experiment and you actually realised that something weird was up, there is a 100% chance that no one would have believed you. My news feed was manipulated in 2015, and it was done to such an extent that it came across as some bizarre attempt at communication. I also experienced not seeing my timeline for extended periods of time, was logged out of my account repeatedly without doing so myself, as I’m always logged in. Activity that I did not do such as me liking sites I had not liked and comments being hidden without me doing it also happened among other things. Which is different to other people hiding your comments, because when others do this, you will still see it. Whoever it was that was manipulating my news feed, was also very eager to let me know that my messages were being accessed by someone else. At first I paid no attention to it, then I became suspicious because something felt off,  then I got convinced that I was hacked due to activity that I wasn’t doing myself, and ultimately I thought that it was someone in the music biz that was pulling my leg or a friend only to finally realise that it was probably a freaking psycho. 5 months! That’s a long time! I don’t know  who it was that was behind it, as my Yahoo email and Instagram were acting up as well. Was I targeted by a bored lunatic or was I chosen at random to be part of a social media experiment? Whoever it was must have had a field day freaking me out. Below there is a youtube video explaining FB’s experiments and how digital platforms strive to push you in the “right” direction….

And as we speak about experimentation and we are all wearing our tin foil hats…. what about an article about drugs in our drinking water or lack of nutrients in our food.

In fact speaking of tin foil hats….behold the best conspiracy theory to ever hit the internet…launched by Hillary Clinton of all people….

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